5 Questions with….Austin Allan, Tio Gazpacho’s Totally Important Officer

Getting veggies in on the go is now easier with Tio Gazpacho, a line of delicious drinkable chilled soups. Tio is an official Whole30 Approved partner – four of the five flavors are Whole30 compliant and they’re made from simple all-natural ingredients.

We caught up with Austin Allan, Tio Gazpacho’s TIO – Totally Important Officer – to ask him more about his “soup-er awesome” company.

Tell us a little about your story – How did Tio Gazpacho come to be?

I first discovered gazpacho when I was studying abroad in Spain, and it was love at first taste! As a child of the 80s I grew up eating too much processed and junk foods, and it was shocking to me that I liked a dish that was made of mostly fresh veggies.

I wanted to find a way to bring my love of the dish to the U.S. I ultimately decided that in order to appeal to American consumers, we would have to make it portable, and most importantly use only super clean ingredients.

Why was it important for you to become a Whole30 approved company?

Since I was young I have struggled with having a big appetite, a love of unhealthy foods, and digestive and weight issues. I have done Whole30 three times so I can attest to its life-changing results. I know and understand what my trigger foods are, and what foods really don’t work for me. It’s completely changed my outlook on food.

Tell us a little bit about your company culture and social values!

Tio’s mission is to change the world through the power of food. We believe that by making positive choices about food, you can change your life.

We also believe in doing good. For every bottle of Tio Gazpacho sold we make a small donation to an incredible organization called Development In Gardening that teaches sustainable gardening skills to people in developing countries. Definitely check out their website at reaplifedig.org to learn more about the incredible work they do.

Your company is so supportive of the Whole30 Coaching program. Why do you believe so strongly in the Coaching program?

The secret to Whole30’s success, besides the fact that it is a fantastic program, is the Coaching program. We quickly learned that the Coaches are the backbone of the Whole30 community. They are out there every day working with people to complete the Whole30 and supporting them through their struggles. They are social workers of food!

We know it’s hard to choose a favorite child – but which is your favorite flavor of Tio Gazpacho and why?

They are all my favorites, but if I had to pick a current favorite I would choose the Rosado. I love the combination of the sweet watermelon, the savory tomato and cucumber, and the hint of spice. It’s especially delicious right now when it’s 92 degrees out!

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