5 Questions with…Jason Burke, Founder/CEO of The New Primal

Today, we’re thrilled to kick off a new blog series called “5 Questions with…” With this series, you’ll have the chance to learn more about some of our favorite Whole30 Approved brands – who they are and what they stand for. We’re excited to begin today with one of our top picks, The New Primal! Happy reading!

What began as a business born in a kitchen has turned into one of our favorite Whole30 Approved companies. The New Primal – maker of marinades, sauces, beef thins, and jerky – is a champion of the Whole30 lifestyle and an incredible supporter of the Whole30 Coaching Community. We caught up with Jason Burke, Founder and CEO of The New Primal to learn more about the origins and values of this visionary company.

Tell us a little about your story – How did The New Primal come to be?

The New Primal started on my kitchen counter. In 2009, I embarked on a journey to improve my health. Portable protein kept me on track. Disappointed in not being able to find a jerky that met my dietary standards, I started making it at home (for a desk snack). Three years (and six dehydrators!!) later, determined to change the landscape of protein snacks, I quit my day job and The New Primal was born. My instinct told me I wasn’t alone, and there was a big possibility The New Primal would be a transformative brand.

Why was it important for you to become a Whole30 approved company?

I’ve personally been following this movement since 2010. Going “paleo, keto, Whole30” all involve resetting. Internally, most of our office has gone through a Whole30 and have first-hand experience with the power of the program. The key to making a lasting change in our life to is to change our relationship with food. The reason I think Whole30 is so incredibly effective is because of the peer-to-peer support of the community. There are groups on social media, books, guides, recipe blogs, coaches, journals, and all kinds of resources available to aid the journey. And, let’s be honest, Melissa Hartwig facilitates this movement like no one else in the health and wellness industry (in my opinion). Simply put, the program works, and it’s well-organized with a single authoritative voice. The guidelines are clearly defined without wavering.

As a business that serves the “lifestyle-diet” consumer and having gone through a Whole30, we began to relate to the daily challenges associated with going Whole30 and started filling the gaps. Aligning with Whole30 and better-serving the community became a no-brainer. We have the resources to create items that make going through a Whole30 more convenient and more delicious.

From your social media, The New Primal seems like such a FUN place to work. Tell us a little bit about your company culture.

Our culture is defined by commitment, work-ethic, passion, and integrity. When you share universal values and a shared commitment to an enormously important goal, it galvanizes the workplace. For us, it’s making healthy eating simple, convenient, and delicious. Helping people change their relationship with food while disrupting a massive industry is also a lot of fun. Fortunately, we seem to attract people with a work ethic to match their passion for the cause.

As a business that started on my kitchen counter and essentially launched with a few people without a background in the food or grocery business, we’ve had plenty of challenges to overcome. I think the core group has experienced so many challenges together that today we’re incredibly aligned.

Your company is so supportive of the Whole30 Coaching program – offering multiple scholarships to aspiring coaches. Why do you believe in the Coaching program?

We know the power of grass-roots efforts. The coaches are in the trenches in their community’s. There’s nothing more powerful and influential than that in our opinion. Once we aligned ourselves with Whole30, we began looking for ways to serve the entire community, and we found the coaching program to be one with potentially the highest ROI (return on investment) – it’s an investment in people, the ones that are helping lead their communities into a new relationship with food.

Melissa Miller at The New Primal is one of the best in the world at facilitating brand partnerships and community relationships. She has really led the charge here and doing a phenomenal job. On the scholarship side, it seems like a very minor investment that will yield an enormous impact on the population.

We know it’s hard to choose a favorite child – but which is your favorite The New Primal product and why?

Oh boy! It’s a very close call between the Sea Salt Beef Thins and the Classic Marinade. The marinade is just so versatile and helps even the most novice people in the kitchen make great tasting meals. The Beef Thins are the perfect high-protein snack in my opinion. It’s a whole muscle cut of meat that is seasoned with four ingredients and cooked low and slow in an oven until it reaches crunchy perfection.

There’s very little processing, it’s easy to chew, the crunchy/chewy/savory taste makes it extremely snackable. It’s unlike anything in the marketplace – literally, nothing else compares so I’d give it a slight edge to the marinade.

Want to try products from The New Primal? Shop online at www.thenewprimal.com and use the code “whole30facebook” for 25 percent off your order!