A Look Back: Our Top 10 Posts of 2018!

Eight months ago, we jumped into the blogging world and created Everyday Whole. Since then, our little corner of the Internet has been filled with lots of useful hints, tips, tricks, recipes, and support to guide you through your Whole30!

Thank YOU for being here, and for joining us on this journey. To mark the end of our first year with Everyday Whole, we’re taking a look back at our Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2018!!

Cheers to the past year – and let’s raise a glass (of kombucha!) to a healthy, happy, and transformative 2019!

10. Premade vs. Homemade: Prepping for a Round

A couple of years ago when I started my first Whole30 round, there weren’t many products on the market that were compliant. Now, there are lots and lots of choices. Homemade is usually the cheaper of the two but premade products are convenient and save time. Whatever your budget and inclinations are, there’s something below for you.

9. Whole30 Meal Planning: Success is in the Prep

After completing multiple rounds of Whole 30 and mini resets I learned that preparation is the key to my success. Before creating my own meal plan template, my preparation consisted of writing a random grocery list on the back of an envelope. That resulted in multiple trips to the grocery store because I’d always forget something. That process and cycle made meals and shopping frustrating and overwhelming. I would become easily overwhelmed with trying to figure out what I was going to eat for the upcoming week and when I was going to cook it.

8. Load ‘Em Up: Whole30 “Nachos and Fries”

Hey everybody! My friend and fellow Whole30 Certified Coach Judith asked me to stop by and share a little with you today about one of my favorite Whole30 comfort foods… nachos. Wait, what? Nachos can’t be Whole30 compliant, can they? Well yes, as a matter of fact they can, and I am here today to tell you how to make the magic happen in the kitchen. With the nachos that is – at least for this guest post anyway! If you know me, you know that nachos and me are like peas and carrots. Nachos have been there for me when no one else has. They are undoubtedly the epitome of comfort food for me and aside from that they are just freaking delicious.

7. Whole30 Day 30…now what?

Congrats! You’ve finished your Whole30! You’ve checked off a whole bunch of Non-Scale Victories, you feel amazing, and hey, maybe you’ve even lost a few pounds along the way. Your skin is glowing, your thinking is clear, and you’re sleeping like a baby.

Day 30 comes with a ton of emotions: You’re happy, joyful, proud, and feeling so accomplished, as you should! But is also brings fear and a sense of uneasiness – what’s going to happen now? Will I fall face first into a meal of nachos and ice cream? How do I keep up this good feeling forever? Will I fail?

6. Meal Prepping: Our Members Weigh In

We all know that meal prep and planning is key to a successful Whole30. It’s really hard to wing it when you need to have protein, vegetables, and fat handy for EVERY SINGLE meal. But, the beauty of Whole30 is that there is no one right way to do it!

We checked in with four members of our Facebook group to learn how they stay focused, organized, and on track during Whole30! Check out how THEY do it!

5. A Tour Through Your Whole30 Plate

So, as a novice Whole30er, you might find yourself asking, “What is with all this talk about a meal template?” Basically, the meal template is our goal and guide as to how much of what types of foods we should be eating. It reminds us that veggies should be the primary food on our plate (and that means you too potatoes and sweet potatoes). It also reminds us that we need other real food on our plates. It’s critical that all meals include veggies, protein and a healthy plated fat. Fruit is optional but if consumed, should be eaten as part of your meal and not as a “dessert” Also, keep fruit to no more than 2 servings a day. Remember, ½ of a banana is one serving.

4. Five Things I Should Know About Whole30 But Forgot!

In recent weeks, as I’ve been prepping for my Whole30 coaching exam, I’ve picked up all three books again for another read. I confess that I was dreading it a bit – reading these days often feels like a chore with all of life’s other busy-ness swirling around me. But, it’s actually been eye-opening and kind of fun to go back and read the words that inspire my daily life.

Re-reading the books also reminded me of a few things that I had forgotten along the way of my Whole30 journey. And if I forgot them, chances are others have as well!

3. Five Week Whole30 Meal Plan

Meal planning can be overwhelming when you start your first round. Today, we’re turning over the reins to our wonderful member Christa Page so she can share her meal plans for five weeks. FIVE weeks! Admittedly, I can’t get myself to put together one week of meals so my hat’s off to Christa for being organized on par with the likes of Mary Poppins. Her notes, recipes links, and meal schedule may be found below. Here’s a link to the Excel sheet with the meal plan schedule and a link to our Pinterest board that has all the meals below pinned. Enjoy and a big thanks to Christa for making this available to everyone.

2. The Ultimate Whole30 Guide for Newbies

Totally new to Whole30? Welcome! You may have found our Facebook group or our blog as you search for info on the program, and decide if Whole30 is right for you. To make your research easier, we’ve put together some super helpful links with everything you need to know about Whole30 – what it is, how to do it, what to eat, and more!

1. Starting a Whole30 Round

We’re so glad that you found us in our corner of the Internet. Whether you’re new or a seasoned Whole30’er, we have tonnes of resources available for you to get through a round successfully.