Broccoli For Breakfast: Egg-less Options

I hear you. You are sick of eggs. If you look at an egg one more time you think you may vomit. You hate eggs. Also, it’s possible you may be someone who is allergic to eggs or trying to rule it out so you’re avoiding them. In any case, I hear you.

First of all, I really need you to reexamine the way you approach the first meal of the day. If you do this, everything will change. ANY FOOD is available to you to eat first thing in the morning. In fact, if you reference the Whole 30 Meal Planning Template the only thing it mentions is that you should base your meal around protein, vegetables, healthy fat and occasionally fruit. The world is your oyster! Even oysters! If that’s your thing…

Eggs are a great source of protein, but they aren’t the only ones. It may take you a little while to wrap your head around eating “non-breakfast” foods for breakfast, but if you are that sick of eggs, you’re probably ready to try anything. It’s definitely a part of retraining your brain and habits, but you’re up for a challenge! You are Whole 30! Let’s do this!

My personal favorite is sweet potato hash. It is super versatile, and you can basically use any veggies that are in your fridge. I will cube 1-2 sweet potatoes, a pepper, onion and whatever sausage you like. ProTip: cut all your veggies before you get cooking or things will get…crispier than you’d like. TRUST. ME. I cook mine in a cast iron pan with a combination of coconut oil and ghee, but you can use whatever cooking fat you’d like. I also finely chop kale and add it at the very end, to up the veggie quotient, and for an added bonus, it looks pretty. Plate that bad boy and throw a scoop of guacamole on top. BOOM. You’re welcome.

Another good one is Melissa’s Chicken Hash. Melissa Hartwig created this recipe herself when she was sick of eggs. It uses chicken thighs, shredded sweet potato, apples, walnuts, granny smith apples and spinach. You guys, any meal that all goes in one skillet, and is as simple and delicious as this, is a winner in my book. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Let’s talk about leftovers. You’re golden if you are planning your dinners large enough for leftovers, because it’s a built in bonus meal. You can mix and match leftovers to create another meal or make something like a delicious burger salad with fresh greens, a burger patty and roasted potatoes. I’ve also had pulled pork, sweet potato chicken poppers or egg roll in a bowl for breakfast before. The key is being open to moving away from what your traditional idea of a breakfast is.

What have you eaten that was your favorite egg-less breakfast?