BRYNNEN – 35 – Reno, Nevada

Brynnen’s commitment to her health is very motivating. Crohn’s is no joke and despite having a harder time than most going through a couple of rounds because of it, she stuck to it and what a difference it made! We’re so happy that she’s part of our community and helping inspire others in the same situation! Read all about her!

How many times have you done Whole 30? When was your first round?

I’m in my third round now and I did my first round in September 2017.

How did you hear about Whole 30 and what made you decide to it?

My friend had done it and was part of your group. She knew I had struggled with digestion and weight issues and recommended I look into it. And here I am!

What scale and non-scale victories have you had as a result of Whole 30? I have lost 33 lbs since I started Whole30. NSVs are many. Better energy levels, reduced cravings, amazing sleep, and my GI said I essentially put some of my Crohn’s disease in remission. As you know, your body struggles with the change in eating makes your body, um, revolt. The increase in foods that were my nemesis of aggravation to my Crohn’s- more fiber from veggies and more protein than I was used to- caused some bad days of flare ups. There was abdominal pain, cramping and LOTS more bloating than I’m sure was normal for most. Normally, before Whole30 a flare up would cause me to stop eating or eat dry toast as a quick digestable energy source. Whole30 made me change that mentality and I will eat smaller portions when I don’t feel well, but essentially I learned how to eat through the pain of you will. I had to cut back nuts, watch my mayo intake and eat easier proteins to digest like chicken, turkey, eggs and fish. I’m lucky I don’t have to follow AIP or have any issues with nightshades so potatoes helped quite a bit as well. I eat a lot of green non-leafy greens like green beans as well. I still regulate my Crohn’s with prescription meds and some over the counter supplements, but a much lower dose.

What helped you to succeed the most on Whole 30? Being prepared and having a support system. I read Whole30 cover to cover and some of the Whole30 blog posts prior to starting. I planned grocery lists and meals for my first week well in advance. This Facebook group was and is a big support for me as well. My husband does it with me too.

What’s your favorite Whole 30 recipe or go-to meal?

Eggroll in a bowl is a favorite or I can eat breakfast for three meals a day.

How has your life changed since Whole 30?

It has changed so much for the better. My health, my confidence, and my relationships have all improved.

In addition to Whole 30, did you make any other healthy lifestyle changes (such as incorporating fitness, smoking cessation, etc) at the same time?

I didn’t work out at all my first round. I didn’t get tiger blood at all and my Crohn’s fought me quite a bit. My second round I started a daily HIIT workout 6 days a week and did fine.

What message/inspiration do you have for those just starting the program? Don’t give up on yourself. You CAN do it. Make sure you do your homework and prepare thoroughly before even thinking of setting a date to start a round. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.