Can't Get Your Whole30 Round Started? Start here.

We’ve heard from a lot of people about how tough it is to get motivated to start a round. I get it. It’s tough. Is it worth it? YES! You do need to have your head in the game to start so, if you’ve been putting off doing a round, let’s tackle the top reasons that might be stopping you.

Mental Preparation
You need your head in the right place to start because when you do a round it is a commitment that you’re making to yourself. For me, getting ready means whipping my kitchen into Whole30 shape. But that takes time! Yeah, I know. That’s why I put a podcast on to listen to so the time passes quicker. Need a podcast recommendation… you can listen to Melissa Urban’s new Whole30 podcast, Do The Thing. If you want a non food related one and one of my personal favourites, try Aaron Manhke’s Unobscured. It’s the real story about what happened in Salem during the witch trials (I live in Salem so it’s a history lesson for me and super interesting!).

Your podcast is on and your ready to go so let’s get started by purging your kitchen and your mind. Click here to get the checklist.

Meal Prep

Your kitchen is Whole30 ready. Now what? The idea of preparing 90 meals over the course of 30 days can be a bit daunting. The feeling that you’re tied to your kitchen and have an endless mountain of dishes in your near future can be discouraging. I get it. Over multiple rounds, I’ve found ways to save time. Here’s some of the stuff I do:

  • Cut up veggies when I get back from grocery shopping or the night before I’m making a recipe

  • Set aside Sunday afternoon to cook for the beginning of the week. I work from home on Tuesday and usually do a bit of cooking that day too

    • I always make a sauce that I can dump on everything so I don’t have to think about a plated fat

    • Make double batches to freeze

  • Minimize the amount of dishes I use (I reuse bowls, for example, instead of taking out another clean one!)

  • Use parchment paper when doing anything on sheet pans

If you’re wondering what to cook, here is a five day meal plan and a five week meal plan.

Being a ‘Hermit’ and Missing ‘Good’ Food

Worried about not being able to go out to eat or worried about an upcoming friends’ night where one of your besties makes her famous double chocolate cheesecake? You can absolutely pre-plan for social events that you know are coming up. There’s probably something on the menu that you can eat. You can skip that cheesecake.

For me, I find it just easier to skip the restaurants when on a round and I don’t miss it–I just find what I’m cooking is better at home! But, I’m also deeply entrenched into the whole married with small kids gig and we don’t go out that often to eat. Back in the sans-kids days, I went out to eat ALL THE TIME. Try (I know, I know, easier said than done!) to flip the script and frame your gatherings around friends and family, not food. It’s 30 days, you can do it! Let them admire and be jealous of your iron-will when you say to them ‘No thanks, I’m on a Whole30 round’.

What do you do to get your head back in the Whole30 game?