7 Must-Read Tips for Whole30 Success

I recently had the chance to do a guest post for the Model Meals blog about my top tips for Whole30 success. You can read the post here!

The team at Model Meals turned my tips into handy graphics – which we wanted to share with you! We hope these help you on your Whole30 journey!

P.S. Model Meals is a non-subscription required, 100% Whole30/Paleo approved, ready-to-eat, meal prep service founded by Whole30 Certified Coach Danika Brysha. They serve Southern California, Northern California, and Phoenix, AZ. Get $25 off when you order $40 in meals using discount code FIRSTORDER.

Move It Monday – A Week in the Life of an Avid Exerciser

My fitness journey began in 1995, when I was 18 years old. I came home from my freshman year of college with an extra 15 pounds and knew I needed to do something about it.

These were the low-fat days LONG before Whole30 so I cleaned up my diet as best as I could per the times (and yes, that included a lot of diet soda – ugh!) and began a regular exercise routine.

I started with power walking, which eventually turned into jogging and then, running. And then eventually yoga, barre, strength training, and so much more!

Fast forward 24 years, 10 marathons, 24 half marathons, a million yoga and barre classes, one stint as a personal trainer and one child later, and here I am at 42 years old! While I no longer run marathons or take regular 90-minute hot yoga classes (I wish I had that kind of time!), movement and almost daily exercise remain a foundation of my life.

To me, moving my body is one of my top four priorities, along with caring for my daughter, prepping healthy food, and focusing on my job. Although I am a busy, working mom with a long commute, I make time to move. It’s not always easy – and sometimes means I work out when I’m not in the mood – but I get it done.

How do I do it? I belong to a gym that’s across the street from my office, which is expensive but worth it for me. At the start of each week, I look at my schedule and plug in workouts like appointments on my calendar. We all know that life happens so sometimes things don’t go as planned but I try to stick with it as closely as possible.

The other key to my success as a regular exerciser is that I get up VERY early. Like 4:30/5 am early – Sometimes I use these hours to move via a DVD at home. Other times I use the early morning to get work and blog stuff done so I have time to get my workout in later in the day. I make every moment count!

Here’s a look back at my movement from last week and a little bit about how I made it happen. On the days I go into work, I walk about 3 miles in my commute and take the stairs up and down to my desk on the 8th floor. If there’s a way to move my body, I will always take it!

Sunday: My daughter was with her dad but nonetheless, I was up at 5 am to meal prep and then worked on decluttering and reorganizing my house from 7-10 am. Before I picked her up, I went to a “Define and Align,” a combo heated yoga and barre class at my local barre studio. Workout done, and then I was back in mom mode!

Monday: We were whacked with a snow storm Sunday night so I didn’t get into work on Monday and missed my usual Body Pump class at the gym. I had all intentions of getting in at-home yoga workout but between getting my work done, caring for my daughter, shoveling, and taking her out sledding with some neighbors, I was spent. I decided that the time I spent out in the snow was my movement for the day and I collapsed into bed at 7:30 pm.

Tuesday: Back to the office today! I went to a lunchtime “Press” class with a colleague. It’s a 45-minute class that builds strength and utilizes a variety of equipment to sculpt all major muscle groups. There’s nothing like feeling strong in the middle of the work day! After the workout, it’s back up the 8 flights of stairs to my desk, where I eat my lunch.

Wednesday: Although I stayed up late on Tuesday night catching up on “The Bachelor,” I got myself to a 6 am barre class at my local studio. It was hard – and just what I needed and wanted to start my day!

Thursday: I was SUPER cranky at work today – so much so, that I almost talked myself out of moving. My colleagues (who know me well!) gave me a little pep talk and I rallied for the gym. I was too late for the Tabata class I was going to take so I did some old school cardio instead – 3.1 miles total, 2.6 miles of running on the treadmill and 0.5 miles on the elliptical. Done and done!

Friday: I exhale a little each Friday because I work from home and I save so much time without my commute. Today, I hit up an express lunchtime barre class at my local barre studio! Onward to the weekend…

Saturday: Saturday was busy for us with Hebrew School for my daughter, chores, errands, and a playdate. I knew that if I didn’t get it in early, my movement wouldn’t get done. I got up and got in a 30-minute Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown workout before my daughter woke up. I’ve had this DVD for five years and I love it. It has two workouts on it and I alternate between them. I get a good sweat and stretch every time and I feel good for the rest of the day when my movement is done!

Sunday: I had all intentions of making a 5:15 pm Community Hot Barre class at my studio (a class with a new instructor that only costs $5 cash!) But, the schedule changed with my daughter and she didn’t go to dinner with her dad as planned.

I did not get up super early for my workout because we turned the clocks ahead (so my usual 5 am would feel like 4 am to me!) and I was up twice in the night with my daughter. It’s also snowing so there will be shoveling in my future today. Tired mama over here!

Mid-morning I decided to get it done and I set my daughter up with a show while I did a workout from Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD. Not my first choice today but I got my movement in and honored my commitment to myself.

How will you move this week? Do you schedule it on your calendar? How do you keep yourself accountable?

5 Questions with… Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest rescues produce that’s a little off-size, off-color, a little ugly, or perhaps overproduced – and brings it right to your door! They’re a Whole30 Approved brand that’s working to save food that would otherwise go to waste, which in turn benefits the environment and those who are hungry in our country. In addition to selling reasonably-priced “Harvest Boxes” (delivered weekly to your door!), Hungry Harvest donates a portion of their produce every week to hunger-solving organizations in the communities they serve. Learn more about their hunger relief efforts here. We caught up with Hungry Harvest’s Creative Manager Tim Parrott to learn more about the company’s origins, values, and mission.

Tell us a little about your story – How did Hungry Harvest come to be?

Hungry Harvest was established in 2014 by our CEO Evan Lutz in his dorm room basement during his senior year at the University of Maryland. He started off by knocking on doors, explaining what ‘ugly produce’ was, and offering free trials. The company was in danger of failure at least two times when we had less than $200 in our bank account. We worked 18-hour days to get our customers the right orders. We had doors slammed in our face, and investors laugh at us. The struggles of the first year were vindicated on June 17, 2015, when we made a deal with Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank. Fast forward to today: We’re four years old, with a team of more than 50 people spread across nine states. Everything we do is driven by the belief that every person has the right to eat healthy and every fruit and veggie grown deserves to be eaten. We won’t stop until that belief becomes reality.

Why was it important for you to become a Whole30 approved company?

Our mission in the fight against food waste and hunger is paved through healthier living. We love that Whole30 promotes eating a healthy diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. It felt like a no brainer to team up so that we could offer our services to those folks on the Whole30 plan, not only to make access to produce more convenient for them, but also to enable them to do good for their communities and the planet, while doing good for their bodies.

Tell us a little bit about your company culture and social values!

We believe in a simple equation. Happier employees = greater chance of success. The greater our co-worker’s happiness at Hungry Harvest, the greater the likelihood of our success. This means we value each other’s opinions, respect each other’s time, listen more than talk, work hard, and still make time for fun. We accept that we’re not perfect, and we’re going to have challenges building a good culture, but it helps that we’re all motivated to be here together, with the hopes of leaving this planet a little bit better than how we found it.

Talk to us a bit about food waste and food rescue? How much food is wasted every year in the U.S. and how does Hungry Harvest help to make a difference?

Every year, 40 percent of food goes to waste in this country. 20 billion pounds of that is produce that’s lost on farms. The injustice of wasting this much edible food when 20 percent in the United States lack access to a nutritious diet is plenty reason to rescue this produce & mend a broken food system. Hungry Harvest works every day to rescue fresh & delicious produce whose only crime is being a little off-size, off-color, a little ugly or a little overproduced. We pack it into weekly variety boxes & deliver it to our subscribers’ doorsteps. So far, with the help of our Harvest Heroes, we’ve rescued over 10 million pounds of food from going to waste & contributed over 850,000 pounds of reduced-cost or donated produce to local hunger-solving organizations.

We know it’s hard to choose a favorite child – but which is your favorite fruit or vegetable and why?

That is a tricky one, but we might have to go with the humble carrot. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like them – probably because they are so versatile! You can eat ‘em raw, juice them, make soup out of them, roast them, you can even turn them into baked goods! Plus, we kind of have a thing for the color orange!

Hungry Harvest currently serves customers in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, South Florida, The Triangle Area in North Carolina & the Detroit Metro Area. Use code EVERYDAYWHOLE for $5 off your first delivery. Learn more at https://www.hungryharvest.net/where-we-deliver