August 2019 Whole30 Discounts Round-Up

By Judith

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My Food Freedom Weekend

I’ve been on this journey for a long time – since October 2015, to be exact. I’ve done so many rounds of Whole30 that I’ve sort of lost track (9 or 10?) and I’ve had really solid periods of time living in Food Freedom.

My last round was in January/February of this year and since then I’ve been living a Food Freedom that’s been really close to Whole30 (adding in occasional sugar and some Whole30 no-no’s like plantain chips.) But to be honest, I haven’t had many situations over the past few months with possible “worth it” moments so it’s been pretty easy to stick to my comfortable Whole30-style eating. I don’t go out to eat much and I’ve stayed away from alcohol for more than five months – not because I am depriving myself but because it just hasn’t felt like it serves me.

Last weekend was the first chance I’ve had in a while to truly flex my Food Freedom muscles. I went to New Hampshire for the night to visit my fellow Whole30 Certified Coach and awesome friend Jen Woods Maloney. Driving up to New Hampshire by myself (I had nearly 24 hours off of MOM DUTY!) was a big deal for me as I do not like to drive but I
knew it would be worth it…and it was!

Here’s how I approached my big night away in Food Freedom:

  1. On Saturday morning, before I left, I made sure to get in one of my Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD workouts. I had to put my daughter in front of Netflix while I did it but I knew that moving my body, doing a little yoga, and getting my sweat on would help me stay as calm as possible during the drive and as I thought about my food choices. Movement is KEY for me – it sets the stage to allow me to be my best self in whatever I do.
  2. I packed Whole30 compliant snacks with me for the car and ended up snacking on a few handfuls of raw cashews as I drove deep into the hills of New Hampshire.
  3. When I got to Jen’s house, we had a little snack before dinner. We enjoyed carrots with guacamole and Kite Hill dairy-free cream cheese spread. I also had an orange. I didn’t want to go into dinner starving or already eating junky foods. I had never had the Kite Hill spread before – and it was awesome. It’s compliant but should be used with caution, especially if you have a complicated relationship with cheese. (I do not so it was fine for me to have some and then we put it away.)
  4. At dinner, I made my biggest Food Freedom decision to date in 2019! I had my first glass of wine this year! I went through the Food Freedom questions in my head – Was it worth it? Would it mess me up? Did I really want it? Was there something else I could have instead? Would it add to my overall experience? I decided that it was worth it, this was a special occasion, if I was careful it would not mess me up, and that I did want it. I also knew I did not have to drive and I did not have to wake up to a 6-year-old the next morning. All of my boxes were checked! So, I ordered ONE glass of white wine and I enjoyed the heck out of it with my dinner.
  5. For dinner, I stuck to dishes that were Whole30-ish – obviously, I have no idea of the exact ingredients in each dish but I chose things that were familiar. I had bluefish pate with red onions and housemade potato chips as an appetizer, and scallops with asparagus, crispy potatoes, and tomato jam for my main dish. The food was delicious. I took home some of each which became my dinner the next night. It felt good to enjoy – but stop when I was ready. I also snuck two French Fries from Jen’s plate and those were worth it was well!
  6. I had no desire for dessert so that was easy to pass on – I was totally satisfied with my wine, my food, and the overall experience.
  7. Since I had not had wine in so many months, I took a preemptive approach to any side effects. I made sure to drink a lot of water that night and I did take some Ibuprofen – just in case of any inflammation. I also got to bed shortly after we got home and slept like a baby!!
  8. The next morning, I woke up feeling good! After coffee, Jen took me for a hike in nearby Laconia. The uphill was challenging at times and we were rewarded with a gorgeous view. As always, it felt great to move and I am lucky to have friends who have the same priorities that I do!
  9. Post-hike, we met up with two other Whole30 Coaches and friends (Amanda Alley
    and Dolly Sengsavang) for breakfast at a local spot. I chose poached eggs, bacon, steamed spinach, sweet potato hash, and more coffee with BYO-nutpods and collagen peptides! My dish came with gluten-free toast, which I never have, but I decided to try one square of it. It was good but I didn’t need more. I left the rest of my toast on the plate. It didn’t seem worth it to me.
  10. Before I hit the road, I loaded up on some of the tasty Whole30 food Amanda and Dolly had brought to enjoy by Jen’s pool. (This mama had to get back to soccer practice!) I packed up some buffalo chicken dip and Dolly’s famous tostones and some spinach and artichoke dip that Amanda had made. I was excited to enjoy this Whole30 compliant food back at home – I knew it would help me over the next few meals after being away. I also had plans for some easy meal prep when I returned
    home so I would be set up for success as I returned to my “regularly scheduled program” of eating. I made it home – back to my daughter and to real life. I was happy to have been away and feel recharged for a new week.

I am proud of myself for being a little flexible with my food and putting my Food Freedom skills into practice. Nothing “messed me up” and I did not let the wine or the meals out turn into “all-or-nothing” free-for-alls. I enjoyed and moved on. As a reformed dieter and former binge eater, it’s been a long road to get here but I’ve been doing the work. To me, this is what life – and Food Freedom – is all about.

Working Food Freedom at the Most Magical Place on Earth… Disney World

I recently went to Disney World with my family – and to be honest, before the trip, the thought of not being able to make my own food made a little anxious. But I was fresh off a Whole30 coaching round with Judith Forman so I was revved up to succeed in my Food Freedom!

I made a game plan, practiced a lot of self-talk and thought a lot about what makes a food worth for me. I knew I was going to be smart about breakfast and snacks and that I would be as reasonable as possible with lunch and dinner when we were at the various parks.

The good news was that we did have a mini-fridge in our hotel room so I created the cleanest, easiest breakfasts that I could eat on the go while hustling to get my three young kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door. Lettuce boats with mayo and turkey it was! At home, this is a quick lunch I can make when I’m in a rush and need something to eat (also adding tomatoes, pickles and avocado), but for Disney World, this was my staple 5-minute Whole30-ish breakfast. Sometimes I didn’t even manage to make the lettuce boats with romaine but literally took a half a head of romaine, washed and dried it, threw mayo on top and turkey on top of that and shoved it in my mouth while pushing a double stroller. There was nothing about it that was pretty, but honestly, starting my day with delicious fresh food put me in a great mood.

For lunches, a lot of the quick service places (meaning you are using the Disney food plan but not going to a sit-down restaurant) offer at least one variety of salad with protein and dressing. I never found the quick service salad meal to be enough food for me so I supplemented the protein and veggies with dried seaweed and a meat stick. Many of these meals include an alcoholic beverage and as much as I would like to dream about that being a good idea, I opted for water because mid-day drinking at Disney World with three kids sounded awful. I saw it as fueling my body with what it needed at the time instead of looking at the “wasted money.”

My in-laws, who we traveled with, planned on one sit-down meal a day at a restaurant in the parks. This was a great chance to truly practice Food Freedom and think of my “worth it” foods. Each meal came with either an appetizer OR a dessert. I looked at the dessert menu before even ordering to see if there was anything that was truly worth it for me and based on that, decided if I was going to order dessert or an appetizer.

I knew if I didn’t order an appetizer (usually a side salad) I would have been more tempted to have dessert every night. One night at Epcot, we ate dinner at one of the Italian restaurants and tiramisu was a “worth it” dessert for me. It was delicious and worth every bite. I have a serious sweet tooth so although I didn’t choose to have dessert every day, I did have it at least three times. Only one time did I realize that afterwards, it wasn’t worth it and I was really eating it because I felt a weird internal obligation to try it.

I kept alcohol relatively limited because the idea of waking up with a headache from wine or a super sugary cocktail was absolutely NOT worth it. I did have a cider or two at times and a very occasional cocktail (vodka soda.)

Not every moment was successful. My mother-in-law (whom I dearly love) is queen of “kid friendly” snacks (translation: white flour, sugar filled, nutrient empty snacks), and there was a time when I mindlessly grabbed a pack of animal cookies and ate them. Also, our last afternoon at the park, we all had ice cream (mind you ice cream on a hot day is a total weakness for me) and after I finished my ice cream, I finished my daughter’s because she ordered way too much for her little 5-year-old belly.

Overall, I felt like Disney World was a fun and fantastic experience without indulging in everything my taste buds could dream of. I also felt like having a general plan with some specific snacks on hand was enough to help me to not focus on food, enjoy the fun family time and live my Food Freedom in a mindful and balanced manner. I was able to feel energetic the whole time and didn’t have the gluten grumpiness I would have had if I was not practicing a mindful Food Freedom.

My takeaways

  1. Think about what your worth is… Is it a feeling, and experience or a particular flavor?

  2. Start your day off right to set the tone for the rest of your eating. Even though you might have indulged more than was worth it the night before, you have a clean start in the morning.

  3. Have snacks on hand to supplement meals lacking in some of the Whole30 meal template items. For example, I brought Seasnax and some veggie pouches for meals that didn’t have enough veggies. I brought some veggie/ meat sticks for extra protein, Lara Bars and other compliant snack items since we were on the go.

  4. Use your resources: Instacart, Amazon Prime and Thrive Market can be used for deliveries to hotels or vacation rental homes.

  5. Be kind and flexible with yourself. You are on vacation and Food Freedom is a process.