What I Ate Wednesday – The Food Freedom Edition

After cutting my Whole60 short, I decided I was ready to attempt to live in my Food Freedom. This time, I felt so much more prepared and it turns out, I was! I have been making choices with zero guilt and it’s been taking less and less time to weigh and evaluate if something is or isn’t worth it. If I make a decision and it turns out I was wrong, guess what?! I just move on…The thing is, I typically make choices driven by the guidelines of Whole30 with some non-compliant foods sprinkled in. Here’s a day in the life of a SAHM living life after Whole30!

Meal 1

I love eggs. I also love making one breakfast for my two boys, and myself so we often eat scrambled eggs. It’s so much easier to make a big batch than get them set up and then have to handle making another breakfast. So, this morning, we had scrambled eggs. The kids had a slice of wheat toast, but I had mixed greens, halved grape tomatoes with a slice of bacon cut and sprinkled over. I dressed my salad with EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

Meal 2

We had a friend and her son come over for lunch and threw together chicken bacon wraps. I had some mayo in there for healthy fat (it’s hiding, I promise!) and sliced some cucumbers on the side for extra veggies on the side. This was an awesome easy lunch and my friend had a traditional sandwich with bread. It was no problem to make both sandwiches and everyone was happy.

Meal 3

Summer in New Hampshire means that when the humidity is under control we have the grill fired up. Now that I’m not on a round, I’m a super fan of having a cheeseburger rather than a plain hamburger. Dairy in small quantities is fine for me, and something I can say yes to because it’s worth it for me. Ketchup is another worth it addition in my life after Whole30. I am much more conservative with my usage, but nothing replaces good old-fashioned Heinz for me. Sorry, not sorry. I will probably always have my burger over greens from now on because I haven’t found a roll that is worth it and it’s an easy way to get veggies in. My kids prefer raw veggies to cooked, so we sliced up an orange pepper and put some pickles on the side and we were good to go.

I am continuing to stick to the three square meals a day and limit my snacking, because doing some real observation of my habits during Whole30 showed me I don’t snack because I’m hungry, but usually because I’m emotional or out of boredom. So, there you have it! What did you eat today!?

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello, Whole 30 friends! Here’s a look at WHAT I ATE on Day #2 of my mini Whole 30 reset. I completed a Whole 75 in March and have been living my Food Freedom since. For me, that is mostly all Whole 30 food with a little added sugar, a tiny bit of alcohol (I drink 1/100 of what I used to – I have NO tolerance anymore!) and some legumes in the form of edamame hummus from Trader Joe’s!

I did enjoy some of my daughter’s 5th birthday cake – and after having some leftover cake another two times after her birthday (Is there anything better than frozen birthday cake?? And yes, it was worth it!) I decided to do a mini reset to show the Sugar Dragon who’s boss.

I will probably reset for around 10 days but I’m not sure. I plan to take it as it goes based on how I am feeling.

So, here we go…welcome to my day!


I am up at my usual 5 am to get working on the blog, reply to posts in the Facebook group, and send off some emails for my real job! I have a cup of coffee with Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half and some Gather Superfoods Ghee to get my day started.

After I shower, blow dry my hair, do my makeup, and wake up my daughter, I sit down with her and have breakfast. On today’s plate: Eggs scrambled with coconut milk, carrot noodles seasoned with Tiny Little Chef’s House Blend, avocado, apple chicken sausage sautéed with green apple and onion, oven baked crispy green beans and carrots, and Thyme & Joy’s Thousand Island dressing. YUM! It’s a big plate but I know I have a long morning ahead of me. At work, I have a second cup of coffee (DECAF!) with some more Califia Farms Better Half that I bring to work in this awesome container.


I get to the gym later than I planned today so I grab a quick pre-workout snack before I hit the treadmill. I have a small baggie of raw cashews and a pack of The New Primal’s BBQ Beef Thins. Fat + Protein = YES! I run 3.1 sweaty miles on the treadmill, take a quick shower, and then it’s lunch at my desk.


For my lunch, I have a piece of Thyme & Joy’s Buffalo Chicken Frittata made with The New Primal’s new Medium Buffalo Sauce and some more crispy green beans and carrots. No shame in lunch eaten cold from a Tupperware! I wash it down with a DELICIOUS can of Grapefruit bubly sparkling water.


After coming home from work and picking up my daughter, leftovers are LIFE for dinner. I have a modified version of leftover Thyme & Joy Paleo Hamburger Skillet with Thousand Island Dressing. I layer the leftover ground beef on iceberg lettuce and add crumbled sugar-free bacon, leftover roasted potatoes, compliant pickle slices, and the Thousand Island Dressing. On the side: A mix of berries and some more Grapefruit bubly sparkling water!

While I clean up the kitchen, (and yes, I am using paper plates because my dishwasher broke and I am not getting a new one for another week or so), I pack my daughter’s lunch for tomorrow. For me, I may grab a compliant salad tomorrow at Sweetgreen near work – or I may pack my lunch in the morning. To be determined!

For now, the kitchen’s closed and I relax knowing that I fed my body well today!

What was the best thing that YOU ate today?

What I Ate Wednesday

Today was another busy day of stay-at-home parenting with my three littles. I absolutely love starting my day early. I love the quiet of the morning, having coffee, dreaming of how awesome my garden is going to be this summer and… studying for my grad school classes (not exactly as romantic as I wish it were but hey, it’s quiet in the morning and studying during the day is a joke).

I have never had an issue with my appetite being too suppressed by coffee so it is my first go to. A huge mug of steaming hot black coffee. I have always had my coffee black, since I was 16, so this is not a struggle I have. I am thankful for that.

I never really get the chance to eat breakfast until about 8:30 or 9am. This morning I had a delicious egg scramble with salad. I generally eat salad with every meal because its easy and I love it. The eggs were scrambled with a little bit of coconut milk and sautéed baby bellas and onions which I sautéed in bulk a few days ago. Add in salt and some nutritional yeast and bam. An awesome breakfast scramble.

Lunch was lettuce wrap sandwiches. Homemade mayo, Plainsville turkey, pickle slivers, the rest of the tomatoes I had in the house and a little bit of avocado. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I totally overate. It was delicious, and I could have done with a little bit less.

Dinner was leftover from last night: cauliflower rice, coconut curry beef and green beans from the Whole 30 cookbook and salad with dump ranch. I added in 2 Swedish meatballs I made earlier in the day from Paleo Running Mama because I needed to up the protein.

Positives today: Energy has been up all day despite dragging the last couple of days. I stayed compliant (day 19 of 60) and my food was delicious. One of my 3 year-olds loved the lettuce wraps. That is a win for any mama!

Cons: I didn’t drink enough water which is probably why I overate at lunch.

What I Ate Wednesday

Here’s a typical day of eats for me! I hope this inspires you and your own meal planning!


I have pretty much the same breakfast every day. It’s so easy and so delicious. I roast sweet or russet potatoes at the beginning of the week and add them to wilted spinach and eggs fried in ghee. The fruit rotates based on what is in season.

Protein- Two fried eggs

Veggies- Sweet potato, spinach

Fruit- Strawberries

Added Fat – Coffee with Fourth and Heart vanilla bean ghee, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, and Califia Better Half Unsweetened creamer


Lunch today was leftovers – but it was still delicious!

Protein- Two roasted chicken thighs with a chili rub

Veggies- Sweet potato and a green salad

Fruit- Apple

Added fat- Vinaigrette, SunButter


Dinner was Taco Wednesday! I know it drives some of you crazy, but Wednesday is super busy in our house and tacos are an easy meal for me to whip up. The darling husband and kids ate these as actual tacos while I had a yummy taco salad!

Protein- Taco seasoned ground beef

Veggies- Spinach, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots

Added fat- ½ an avocado, and a cilantro sauce that I whipped up on the fly

What I Ate Wednesday – The Sick Edition

For everyone who’s been sick on Whole 30, this Wednesday is for you! Thankfully, it’s not a stomach thing, only a head cold, but it’s thrown me for a loop and the VERY LAST THING I want to do today is eat. Add PMS to the mix and I’m a lovely bunch of fun today! Staying compliant while sick can be tough. Today, I just need to get through the day and do what I can. Here’s what I ate:

BREAKFAST: I woke up today bleary eyed and not able to breathe through my nose. After taking stock of myself in the mirror and scaring myself a bit, I decided that it was time to get dressed and tackle the day.

I normally have a pretty respectable breakfast with three eggs, veggies, and a sausage link. Today, I only managed to get down two with some onions and mushrooms and then ended up putting way too many onions in that made my mushroom to onion ratio very imbalanced. I added a bit of Saucy Lips’ Zesty Cilantro sauce on my eggs, some grapes, and called it done!

After daycare drop off, I got an iced coffee and went to the chiropractor. I told her about my stuffy nose and whatever magic she did had it running rivers afterwards. I love my chiropractor! When I got home, I put some Vanilla Lemon Nutpods in my coffee and started work. I know vanilla lemon anything in your coffee may not sound good but, holy cow, it works. I love it even more than my beloved hazelnut.

LUNCH: Is it that time again? By noon, I’m quite hungry because of my smaller than usual breakfast. Normally, I only get hungry about 1pm but today it was much earlier. My mother in law is here so I made us a quick stir-fry for lunch—this was a total grab and go using Veggie Noodles Co.’s zucchini noodles, some frozen peppers from Trader Joe’s, and sliced up some leftover pork chops from last night. To season it, I mixed in some The New Primal Classic Marinade. I had some pecans on the side. Done and done!

SUPPER: My husband makes some steak on the grill tonight. Hurray! I broke out the Veggie Noodles Co. broccoli rice and pan fried and then proceeded to do a potato experiment on my husband.

I made mashed potatoes with ghee, Nutpods, garlic powder, and salt and divided them up into two bowls. I put a container of butter next to one. He claims he doesn’t like ghee but does he really? With a heaping scoop of potatoes on his plate, he dug in but said they didn’t taste like potatoes and must be some sort of secret ingredient. He keep eating them and declared that ‘It’s pretty good, whatever it is!’ My work here is done!

Oh, and I had a plated fat….more Saucy Lips’ Zestry Cilantro and a few pecans.

What did you eat today? Or maybe I should ask, who did you experiment on today?

What I Ate Wednesday

This morning, I wake up WAY before my alarm – at 4:15 am. I toss and turn for a minute, and then decide I am UP for the day and will make good use of my time.

So here we go….


I start the morning with a cup of coffee with Hazelnut Nutpods and Gather Superfoods Brown Butter Ghee. The first sip is my favorite part of the day and makes me SO happy.

Since I am up extra early, I do a test run in our washing machine as it’s been on the fritz (it seems to work now!), schedule some posts in the Whole 30 Facebook group, make two sheet pans of these Crispy Oven Fried Green Beans (I use nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan cheese), take a shower, blow dry my hair, do my makeup, and eat breakfast – all before I wake my daughter.

For breakfast, I go with leftover Just Jessie B sheet pan teriyaki salmon from Saturday night – I made it with my Pride of Bristol Bay wild salmon and double the sauce. I add some crispy green beans, grapes and amazing guacamole I bought at Wegmans to my plate. I go back for some extra green beans as I pack them up – they are THAT good!

With my lunch, I add an almost empty carton of Nutpods to my bag to use with my second cup of coffee at work. Coffee is life!


Since I was up so early and ate breakfast so long ago, I decide to have a Country Archer turkey stick and some mango Bubbly water around 11:30 am for a quick pre-workout snack. I am heading to the gym soon for Body Pump – I am grateful to have the chance to get my workout in at lunch.

I also walk two miles in my round-trip commute and only take the stairs at work. My desk is on the 8th floor so I get lots of exercise in at work as well!


After Body Pump, I climb back up eight flights of stairs to my desk for lunch. On the menu: Leftover beef, veggie, cashew, and pineapple stir fry made with The New Primal marinade, served over cauliflower rice and roasted baby potatoes. With my meal, I drink the rest of the Bubbly water and eat some blueberries. Lunch hits the spot!


My train is about 20 minutes late tonight (grr!) and I promised my daughter time on her scooter and a visit with my neighbors when we get home. Meal prep to the rescue!!! I am STARVING so I load up my plate with mixed greens and then add coconut milk scrambled eggs that I make tonight (my daughter has some, too!), leftover compliant chicken sausage sautéed with apple and onion, pineapple ground beef that my neighbor shared with me, and more of those crispy green beans from the morning! I garnish the plate with some dollops of Whole Sisters dump ranch (this batch came out super thick) and some Trader Joe’s garlic dip (Food Freedom – it has canola oil.) I wash it all down with a LaCroix!

I think for a second about having some fruit with nut butter after dinner but then ask myself if I really need it and if it’s worth it tonight? The answers are NO and NO so I pass.

Then, I get my coffee cup, spoon and K-cup out for the morning, close the kitchen, and get ready for another day in the life of delicious eats!

What I Ate Wednesday: SAHM Edition

There is a common misconception that stay at home mamas just leisurely wake up, have all this time to stay in our pyjamas and sit with our feet up, drinking a nice hot cup of coffee while our little ones independently do an educational activity or craft project in the corner. If you’re also a stay at home mom, you are laughing right now. Maybe, laughing so hard you are crying. I know…I know…

The reality is, we are a different kind of busy literally from the moment we (and our babies) wake up to the minute we go to sleep. I have early risers, so, yeah. I have to really focus and keep my eyes on the prize to make sure I eat breakfast first thing before the beautiful chaos of the day begins. I have a 1 year old and almost 3 year old and unless we need to be out of the door for a specific appointment, I start the day by getting the boys a cup of (gasp!) milk and getting their breakfasts going. Sometimes they will eat what I’m eating, but sometimes they eat very non-compliant breakfast and I’ll set them up before I get my meal together. I am already thinking about what I have in the fridge for leftovers from the night before and what I want to put together.


I am fortunate that I don’t always have to have my breakfasts totally prepped, but I do have to have something in mind because I have to move quickly and have a plan. It takes me, probably 3 times as long to put my meals together for obvious reasons. Today, I had coffee, obviously, with coconut milk. I had some sweet potato slices precut and threw them in the microwave to cook a bit and then popped them in the toaster to crisp up. While the sweet potato toasts were getting toasty, I heated a cast iron pan and threw in some Gather Superfoods brown butter ghee (*swoon*). I fried up 2 crispy eggs and put them over a large handful of baby arugula. I put some steamed broccoli from last night in the pan to brown in the leftover ghee because that stuff is gold. I topped the toasts with guacamole, a slice of tomato and Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Last, but not least, I warmed up a home made turkey sausage patty in the microwave and popped that on the plate. BOOM. Breakfast. NAILED IT.


Leftovers are life, you guys. I’m usually not eating lunch until after the kids are down for afternoon nap, but because of leftovers, we got to eat together today. Good thing too, because little dude decided he was on a nap strike. Last night my husband and I made a ground beef, cabbage and carrot stir-fry. There was enough for him to take leftovers for lunch and for me to have it for lunch as well. I threw the rest of the steamed broccoli on the side for extra veggies, and made a spicy mayo (mayo and Frank’s Red Hot) to go on top for healthy fat. It was delish and ready to go FAST!


Because we have been buying meat at Costco and freezing it, it has forced me to have a plan for dinner so I can have said protein defrosted. There are so many Whole 30 meatball recipes, but I have been loving Matt’s Famous Italian Turkey Meatballs from Kelsey at Little Bits of Real Food because you can bake them on a sheet pan and they come together super quickly. I often leave the fennel out because I can never find it ground and chopping it up makes me crazy. They are still delicious. I spiralized some zucchinis and chopped some Brussels sprouts, threw them in a cast iron with, what else, but my Gather Superfoods ghee and cooked those veggies up. Sometimes I make a quick marinara, but I really like Victoria brand (I get it at Costco) for a quick dinner. Veggies on the plate, a good glug of olive oil for healthy fat, sauce, meatballs and I sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top for a bit of flavor and all kids of B vitamins and dinner was served. If I’m being honest, I went back for one more meatball because they were delicious and also I just felt like I needed a bit more protein. I’ve been working on drinking more water so I had 2 big glasses throughout the meal.

So, there you have it! Three solid meals, no snacking and that’s what I ate. I’m already thinking about breakfast tomorrow, you guys. What’s on the menu for you?!

What I Ate Wednesday

Last Wednesday was a GREAT day! I found out that I won one of The New Primal’s scholarships for the Whole 30 coaching program. But I didn’t celebrate with champagne and cake. Today was a pretty normal day of eating for me – but I did exercise a little Food Freedom today for the first time in a while. Here’s a look at what I ate on Wednesday…


I am an early bird who loves the quiet of the morning. Today, I got up at 5:05 am and started my morning with a cup of coffee, made extra delicious with Califia Farms Better Half non-dairy creamer and a sprinkle of Tiny Little Chef’s Inflammation Buster seasoning.

I worked on some posts for the Whole 30 group, paid some bills, and answered a few emails for my day job. After getting my daughter up at 6:20 am, we sat down to breakfast (yes, in front of the TV – a battle I’m not fighting these days) around 6:40 am.

On my plate: Three eggs friend in coconut oil (mostly just the yolks as I gave my little one the fried whites), leftover broccoli I cooked in Gather Superfoods ghee over the weekend, leftover plantains fried in coconut oil from yesterday, and some ground lamb/onion/potato mix I made last night. The entire plate is drizzled with Soom Food Tahini, which serves as my added fat. I’m not currently on a round of Whole 30 (I recently finished a Whole 75!) but I feel better when I eat per the meal template – so that’s what I mainly do! I had some seltzer with my breakfast.

When I get to work, I grab another cup of coffee and add some more Califia Farms Better Half, which I brought from home.


I usually spend my lunch hour at the gym and eat afterwards at my desk. But today, we had an offsite team meeting and we got salads from Sweetgreen! I had the Guacamole Greens – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado, roasted chicken, and a Whole 30 compliant lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette dressing. The salad normally comes with tortilla chips but I asked to remove those, and I added my own raw cashews I brought from home. I also brought a can of Polar Seltzer to have with lunch.

I never normally consider dessert but there were some homemade Passover treats at the meeting – coconut macaroons and chocolate biscotti. They were grain-free for the holiday and I decided to take a small bite of each. That was enough for me, and I stopped. The bites were worth it and I was happy. My sugar dragon remained tame.


The evening was a bit of a whirlwind due to the news of the coaching scholarship – I’ve never gotten so many Instagram notifications before in my life! Thank goodness for meal prep and leftovers!

Dinner tonight was leftover buffalo chicken bacon poppers (I use this recipe from Unbound Wellness and add Frank’s Red Hot and some chopped compliant bacon), some more leftover broccoli, mixed greens, more leftover potatoes, an extra piece of compliant bacon (since I am celebrating tonight!) and my homemade spicy mayo (I use the Whole 30 mayo recipe and add Frank’s and some extra salt to spice it up!) A creature of habit, I had more seltzer on the side.

My daughter came home with leftovers from dinner out with her father, which included some waffle fries and sweet potato fries. I gave them a look and thought about adding a few to my plate instead of my roasted potatoes. But, after thinking it through and evaluating my Food Freedom – Did I really want them? How would they make me feel? Were they really worth it? – I decided to pass and stashed the leftovers in the fridge.

Once dinner was done, I packed up my lunch for tomorrow (Whole 30 jambalaya my neighbor made, more leftover potatoes, blackberries, cashews, and seltzer) and then the kitchen is closed. I drink some more seltzer as I unwind, write this post, and watch TV. Soon, I’ll go to bed, and wake up to another day in the life after Whole 30.

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