Celebrating October: A Round-up of SAVORY Whole30 Pumpkin Recipes!

Hooray for October! It’s finally the season of Halloween – and here in Salem, MA, the home of the famous witch trials – that’s a big deal! But instead of reaching for the candy and Halloween goodies, treat yourself with one of these Whole30 pumpkin recipes.

Don’t come here looking for pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread! These are all savory dishes that fit nicely into your Whole30 meal template.

Check out the recipes below along with some words about each dish from the bloggers who created them!

Trick or treat – and enjoy!

4-Ingredient Pumpkin Breakfast Sausages: “These Paleo and Whole30 4 ingredient pumpkin breakfast sausages are the healthy eggless breakfast option, with a perfect balance of pumpkin flavor. A high-protein way to start your day, and a pumpkin-lover’s dream.”

Paleo Chicken Pumpkin Sliders: “I had ground chicken, I had just bought canned pumpkin, and I really like curry sooooo it actually makes a lot of sense. Why not mash them all together to make combination of excellence? Done and done. But a bit of a forewarning, this is a bit messy to make. They don’t stick together as nicely as regular burgers do. But they’re not regular burgers. They’re sliders. Mini burgers. “

Creamy Paleo Bacon Pumpkin Soup: “This soup is mind-blowingly delicious. I crisp some pancetta in the soup bowl and use the grease as a base for the creamy bacon pumpkin soup. After the other ingredients make harmonious savory Fall magic happen, I sprinkle bowls of the warm orange yumminess with the crispy bacon bits. OH man is it tasty.”

Paleo & Whole30 Pumpkin Coconut Thai Curry: “You and your family are going to love this Paleo & Whole30 Pumpkin Coconut Thai curry. Full of flavor and healthy vegetables. It is paleo friendly, whole30 approved, gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free and clean eating.”

Easy Pumpkin Chili: “This easy one-pot paleo pumpkin chili can be made with beef or your favorite ground meat and can be ready in 30 minutes! It’s a hearty, comforting, healthy and Whole30 compliant meal that everyone will love, even the kids!”

Beef & Pumpkin Stew: “Comfort food. That’s what this Beef & Pumpkin Stew is. It’s simple, satisfying and easy enough to make on a weeknight. What’s not to love about that?”

Bone Broth Pumpkin Spice Latte: Be sure to omit the agave and honey in this one to make it Whole30! “Well, it looks like we’re officially into PSL season. Now you can suck down a whopping 50g of sugar in one latte. OR, you can make your own low-sugar alternative in minutes using REAL food ingredients! This version is rich, creamy, pumpkiny, and downright delicious.

Paleo Pumpkin Hummus: “This delicious paleo pumpkin hummus recipe uses cashews instead of chickpeas, but tastes just like the real thing!”

Pumpkin Turkey Chili: “This infinitely adaptable simple pumpkin chili recipe will keep you warm all winter long!”

Instant Pot Braised Short Ribs with Pumpkin Mash: “This Fall dish is melt in your mouth, fall off the bone, lick your fingers good!”

What’s your favorite way to incorporate pumpkin into your Whole30? Which of these recipes are you most excited to try?

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