Coach Juju’s January Faves

Happy Day #9 of the January Whole30! It’s been exciting to see how many people are taking on this challenge to improve their lives, their relationship with food, and their all-around well-being!

I am a few days ahead of the “official” January Whole30 – today is my Day #11 and I am feeling GREAT! Bring on the Tiger Blood!

This month, as I am doing my own Whole30, I wanted to share some of my current favorite products. These are my tried and true standbys that I rely on ALL of the time! I hope these help you as you navigate your round!

  • Fourth & Heart Himalayan Pink Salt Ghee: This is my ride-or-die added fat on Whole30. Sometimes I use it in the pan to cook and other times, I add a nice dollop to my food. It’s salty, buttery, and makes everything taste better! I usually grab it on Amazon but recently I got a GREAT deal on it on Thrive Market and I stocked up!
  • The New Primal Cilantro Lime Meat Sticks: True confession time: These meat sticks have become my #1 favorite on-the-go protein. They are SO smoky (they remind me of salami) and delicious. The New Primal recently converted all of their meat sticks to become Whole30 Approved – and this is the best news to kick off 2020. You can grab yours at and use code “WHOLE30FACEBOOK” to save 25% off your order!
  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil: Avocado oil is my go-to cooking oil for pretty much everything I make – for both me and my daughter. I go through it quickly so I try to get the big bottles from Costco (when my friends go to Costco and buy them for me!) when I can. If not, I can find this at Target or Trader Joe’s, or on Amazon.
  • Georgia Grinders Cashew and Pecan Butter: This Whole30 Approved nut butter – made with a family recipe – blows any other nut butter out of the water. It’s so good that it’s almost TOO good – be sure to portion out some to use as your added fat so you don’t accidentally eat the whole jar! I will often add a spoonful to fruit on my plate as an added fat or use in a recipe – like this one from Whole Kitchen Sink. Use code “JUJURULES” at for free shipping on orders $30+.
  • nutpods: I am a coffee queen and I start my day with two cups of coffee with nutpods. They make me so happy. And yes, I go to bed at night dreaming of my morning coffee! You can grab yours at with code “JUJUSWHOLE30” to save 15% off your first order! COFFEE IS LIFE!
  • Paleo Powder Coating Mix: One of my favorite recent easy meals is chicken tenders made in my Air Fryer with Paleo Powder coating mix. I dip the chicken in egg and then roll in the coating mix. Then, I put it in my Air Fryer, spray with some extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil, and cook at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or so on each side. I dip in compliant ranch or ketchup and enjoy! These are great to reheat during the week as well or chop up to use on a salad. You can snag the coating mixes for 20% off with code “EVERYDAYWHOLE” at
  • Tessemae’s Buffalo Ranch Dressing: I received this dressing as part of a gift pack sent to all Whole30 Coaches for the January Whole30. I was skeptical because I thought I didn’t like Tessemae’s products. Boy, was I wrong! I quickly started putting this on EVERYTHING I ate and used it to make this buffalo ranch chicken casserole. It is so good that I ordered a bunch more from Thrive Market to make sure I was well stocked for my January round! Through January 31, you use grab 20% off Tessemae’s products with code “W30COACH” at
  • Polar Seltzer: Polar is a local favorite here in the Boston area and I can’t get enough. I especially love the seasonal winter flavors and the junior cans. If you can find Polar in your area, it’s a winner in my book and the perfect way to wash down your Whole30 meals!
  • Special deliveries – Misfits Market and Cooked: To keep your Whole30 fresh and interesting, it’s fun to receive some special deliveries. Every other week, I get a box of organic produce from Misfits Market. I don’t know in advance what I will receive but it’s a neat challenge to cook it all. If you want to give it a try, code “COOKWME-TY6OGJ” will give you a discount (usually between 25-50% off) on your first box at And if you need a break from cooking, Whole30 Approved partner Cooked will save the day! I’ve been working with them to create some new Whole30 Approved meals that you can just heat and eat. You can save 15% off your first order with code “EVERYDAYWHOLE” at Enjoy the time away from the kitchen!

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