Are you starting a round or just needing to stock up on some Whole30 basics? We wanted to share a few of our favorite companies and discounts here to help you get ready! Some of these are affiliate links/codes, which means we make a small commission on your order. Thank you for your support!

NUTPODS Want to try the new Cinnamon Swirl flavor or stock up on others? Go to and use code JUJUSWHOLE30 for 15% off your order. There’s always free shipping. You can use this code ONCE per email address.

THRIVE MARKET Use our link for 25% off your first order when you sign up for a free 30-day trial. FYI, If you keep your membership to this amazing online marketplace, you will be charged an annual fee. Thrive is a great place to buy Whole30 staples, especially if you live far from grocery stores or are really pressed for time!

CHOMPS Use code EVERYDAYWHOLE at for 15% off your order of of our favorite meat sticks! There’s always free shipping.

THE NEW PRIMAL Use code whole30facebook for 25% off your order of sauces, dressings, marinades and beef thins at These are also available through Thrive Market and Amazon.

GEORGIA GRINDERS Use code JUJURULES for free shipping off orders $30+ at This is our favorite nut butter. It’s SO good. Also available on Amazon.