Doing A Whole 30 When No One Else In The House Is

You’re thinking about doing a round but no one else is on board in your house? No problem! I know, I know. It would be so much easier if everyone was doing it together. I’m on my eighth round, by myself, and have got this down to a science.

My husband loves about 60% of my cooking, tolerates about 20%, refuses to touch 15%, and will try 3% of his own free will, and will try 2% against his will. That 2% is me hiding zucchini in meatballs and other magical culinary things I can do! My daughter, 5, is hit or miss with my cooking and my son is one year old so, yeah, he’s not about to do a Whole 30.

Clean Out Your Fridge And Cupboards This isn’t about throwing out everything that’s non-compliant and making everyone in your home miserable. It’s about carving a little place for yourself in the kitchen where your compliant stuff is at hand. I made a place in my cupboard for all my Whole 30 products (flours, almond butter, sauces) and took some space in the fridge inside the door for my coconut aminos, marinades, and dressings. This is easier than labeling all your food so that everyone will keep their hands off your bacon and sausage (as shown in the picture above!).

Cooking for Everyone If you have to cook for others, you want to minimize your amount of cooking. No one wants to cook two separate meal and the good news is…you don’t have to! Proteins are pretty easy crowd pleasers. There are so many chicken, beef, and pork recipes that work…a compliant roasted chicken, seasoned pork chops, and CTLT’s paleo sesame chicken. There are three twists to cooking for others:

The Compliant and Non-Compliant Versions – Take green beans for example, I steam green beans and toss them in oil, garlic powder, and salt. I divide it in half and put some nutritional yeast on mine and parmesan cheese on theirs. Boom, done! Everyone is happy!

The non-compliant side dish. I do throw on a pot of pasta for the family every now and then so as not to make them feel tortured. I can spare the 8 minutes to boil it for them and add it as a side dish to whatever else we’re having.

The secret ingredients. I have a great (and flexible!) recipe from Paleohacks for Spicy meatballs with grated zucchini. It’s amazing how no one has ever noticed the zucchini in them before. This little change is a great way to get some extra veggies in. Same thing for mashed potatoes. Use ghee and original Nutpods and you’re done.

But, I’m Alone! Yes, yes you are. And, you know what, it’s OK! Seriously, it is. You may feel a lot more in control of your Whole 30 when you don’t have to drag anyone else halfheartedly along with you or be a rule enforcer while you try to navigate through your own Whole 30! If you want someone in the same boat, you needn’t look any further than in the group and put out a bat signal that you want an accountability partner. I don’t know how I would have gotten through my first round without one.

For those having done a round with and without people at home alongside of you, how did you feel?