Easy Whole30 Weekend Meal Prep

Our schedule changes all the time. My husband’s a nurse and his shifts are different from week to week. I always take some time over the weekend to sit down at the kitchen table, listen to a good podcast (I’m blowing through them so if you have good ones that you listen to, let me know!), and plan, plan, plan. So, what did I make last weekend?

Every week, I do the same ol’, same ol’:

  • I roast a bunch of veggies

  • I make some meatballs. This week it was turkey meatballs because ground turkey was on sale. I toss them in almond flour, an egg, spices and pan fry it in ghee. And, apparently, looking at the picture on top of this page, I made a small meatball Christmas tree. Deck the halls! Blogging tip–look at your picture closely BEFORE eating. I’ll have to add more decorations to my Christmas tree the next time.

  • I also put a package of chicken breasts into my Instant Pot to cook and shred so I had a container full of grab and go chicken. I didn’t feel like cooking the other day, so cut up some veggies to stir fry, grabbed some chicken, and some The New Primal Mustard BBQ sauce. Super simple supper as shown above. You can get 25% off The New Primal sauces, marinades, and beef thins using the discount code whole30facebook.

  • I also make a sauce for the week… This week was a double batch of Eat The Gain’s creamy lemon garlic sauce. I usually make a double batch for a plated fat and vary it each week.

There were some beautiful green plantains in the supermarket which I took advantage of. I grabbed a bunch and made lots and lots of tostones to use for Clean Eating Veggie Girl’s Ground Turkey Plantain Nachos AND to freeze. So, so good. If you haven’t delved into the awesomeness that are tostones, don’t wait a minute longer. They are super easy to make. You can get a how-to on tostones here.

The best part about tostones–well, there are lots of good parts but here’s two: you can cut them into thinner strips like I did for the nachos to have more crunch AND, our Facebook member, Margarita, suggested freezing them after you fry them once and press them. This is exactly what I did and I have a bag full of tostones in my freezer to take out when I want them but am too busy for the prep work.

I also made Nom Nom Paleo’s Instant Pot Ground Beef Chili. I love my Instant Pot so much–I sauteed everything in it then pressure cooked it for 15 minutes. I skipped most of the spices that the recipe called for, except salt, and used my Tiny Little Chef Traditional Chili Seasoning instead. The chili turned out a little watery so I think I’ll put a bit more tomato paste in it the next time. You can get 20% off Tiny Little Chef seasoning with the discount code WHOLE30.

And, speaking of tomato paste, I can’t stand buying those little cans only to use a tablespoon or two for a recipe. I took some parchment paper, put it on a plate, and doled out the rest of the can in little 1 tablespoon scoops. Off to the freezer they went to harden a bit and they’re now sitting happily in my freezer in a bag waiting to be used. I feel like Martha Stewart for thinking of doing this!

I don’t want meal preps to be overly complicated and end up spending all afternoon in the kitchen. I usually try at least one new recipe a week. If you need some inspiration, you can check out our recipes here or visit our Pinterest page here.

Hopefully, this’ll give you a few ideas for you meal prepping this weekend!