Fan Faves: Whole30 MVPs In The Kitchen

Last week, I posted in our Facebook group asking members to suggest their “Most Valuable Players” for a Whole30 kitchen. I got so many responses and people were very passionate about the best tools to keep them on track.

But, there was a VERY clear top 5. I can assure you, it is possible to do a successful round without these gadgets, but they certainly make meal prep and cooking easier and less stressful.

Without further ado, here are the results…

#5. A Good Sharp Knife– Cutting and prepping is what living that Whole30 life is all about, so it is SO helpful to have a good quality knife. Also, a tip and recommendation: Always hand wash and dry your knives immediately after you use them! Never, and I mean NEVER, put a knife in the dishwasher or it will dull and damage your precious Wusthof!

#4. A Spiralizer– The options are endless – from the attachment to a KitchenAid to a handheld tool to a counter top crank option. But it’s certain that making your own zoodles is a cost effective and delicious way to get those veggies in. A spiralizer will become a staple during your Whole30 life!

#3. Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker- Instant Pot was mentioned in particular, but I’d think any brand would do the job. I do have an Instant Pot and it makes cooking shredded chicken, pulled pork, or steamed veggies so simple. You can make your own bone broth, and there’s even recipes for making ghee in the slow cooker! Although for me, my kids can’t be trusted with a crockpot full of hot butter on the counter for that long, so I buy mine from Gather Superfoods and enjoy every delicious spoonful.

#2. Food Processor/ Blender- Ninja, Vitamix, Cuisinart — Whatever blends up your cauliflower, sweet potato, soup ingredients and gets the job done! I also use my Vitamix to make cashew or other homemade nut milk, blend coffee with ghee, collagen peptides and nutpods to make a delicious foamy caffeinated beverage that counts as my added fat.

And the NUMERO UNO, #1 Favorite Whole30 kitchen tool….

The Immersion (stick) Blender! Are you really surprised? I wasn’t. Where would we be without Whole30 dump ranch, mayo, or garlic aioli to top our salads, burgers, vegetables, and more! An immersion blender is certainly not required, but it sure helps make these dressings and condiments come together super fast and easy. And during a round of Whole30, we all know anything that can help us save our time and sanity, is a true MVP!

*Honorable mention goes to the dishwasher. Without one of these bad boys, I would be washing my pile mountain of dishes in an endless stream of my tears and sadness.

So, what about you? Is there something that didn’t make the top 5 that you just could not live without during your Whole30?