Friday Faves

It was tough to narrow it down to the things I’m loving the most this week, but there are a few things that make my life infinitely easier, especially on a round or when I’m trying my best to stay compliant, so I wanted to share those with you all.

My Vitamix

I have been super into making my own nut milk lately. It is the best way to know exactly what the ingredients are and make sure there are no sneaky sugars or additives that aren’t approved. I use my Vitamix* to blend soaked almonds or cashews because it is high powered and blends like a dream. Very generous friends bought ours as a wedding gift more than 5 years ago and it still works perfectly. It’s an investment, but a good one. I could not live without mine.

*The one I linked is slightly different than mine because I don’t think my model exists anymore.

Aquasana Glass Bottles & Silicone Sleeves

Once I make that beautiful almond or cashew milk, I love these bottles to store it in in the fridge. They are easy to pour out of and take up far less space than mason jars. I have the silicone sleeves to protect the bottles too because the last thing I need is glass breaking everywhere. I also store coconut milk in these bad boys. I always use the red sleeve for my coconut milk because I use Thai’s kitchen and the label is red so I remember which is which that way. Tired mama, here folks…

My Rae Dunn ‘UGH’ Mug

I love this mug so much. I have a bunch of these with different words, but this one is my favorite. I feel like it’s a good friend that understands how I feel each morning and gives me a nod, saying, “YES, girl. I HEAR you.” Then, I fill it with delicious coffee and know everything will be okay. It’s also a very large capacity mug, so I can hold a nice big cup.


I love how I feel when I’m drinking enough water. I find especially with Whole 30, I need to make sure I’m drinking enough water with and in

between meals. When you are training yourself to not snack or eat mindlessly, it is SO important to learn to reach for water before you reach for the empty calories. I am obsessed (slightly embarrassingly) with my Hydroflask water bottle. It keeps water so cold and the straw cap makes it easy to just suck down water. My 3 year old likes to steal it and drink all the water in it too, so watch out for that.

Di Oro Silicone Spatula Set

These spatulas are amazing. I use them for all the cooking I do and they are heat resistant up to 600 degrees so I know they won’t melt. They are one piece so the top doesn’t pop up like the cheap set I had before and nothing gets stuck where the handle meets the top. BONUS! The smaller one is the perfect size to scrape out the last delicious bits of homemade mayo from my mason jars and they are strong enough to mix up tuna or chicken salad. SO GOOD.

Last, but not least…

Gather Superfoods Ghee

When I first started my prep for my first round of Whole 30, I will tell you I had a hard time getting on board with ghee. It was a combination of my head expecting butter and not finding the right brand. Well, I found the right brand. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see post after post of me declaring my love for this delicious goodness. In particular, the brown butter ghee is TO. DIE. FOR. It is so good. I use it to fry eggs, to sauté veggies, on baked potatoes, melted and mixed with Frank’s Red Hot to make buffalo sauce, everything and anything. It’s a delight. If you want to give it a shot, and you should want this in your life, check them out at and save 30% with the code WHOLE30 – I promise you will not be disappointed.

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