Friday Faves

Yay! It’s Friday! We’ll aim to celebrate this glorious day on the blog with a round-up of some of our favorites from the past week. These are the things that are making me happy on this Friday…


Fellow Whole 30-er Pam and I “met” through our Facebook group – and have become dear friends! Last month, I sent her some of my favorites from Trader Joe’s since she lives in a land of no TJ’s (!!!) and this month, she sent me a care package of some of her favorite kitchen items. Among them – This personalized wooden spoon engraved with my Instagram handle. How awesome is this?! I can’t wait to stir away with this spoon.The best part is that Pam found Qualtry (the company that makes them) on Groupon – and it’s such a great deal! These are perfect for gifts, or just as a way to treat yourself for all of your hard work in the kitchen.


Jillian Michaels and I have been in a deep relationship since I started at-home workouts in 2014 to lose my baby weight. Her workouts are time-efficient (each workout is really no more than 35 minutes), challenging, and you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something when you’re done. Plus, you don’t have to leave the house, and for all of you mamas, you don’t need to arrange childcare to fit this in! Nowadays, I mostly work out at a gym or a barre studio (or in Mother Nature when I get out for a run) but there are days when it’s either an at-home workout or nothing. I love Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown DVD, specifically the first workout. It’s yoga mixed with some cardio! My muscles are worked, I sweat a lot, and my daughter will often sit on the couch (playing on the iPad) and watch me exercise. You can also often find Jillian’s DVDs at stores like Kohl’s (use your Kohl’s cash) and on Groupon!


Until I discovered this recipe, I was not a fan of green beans. But everything changed when Low Carb Yum’s Crispy Oven Fried Green Beans came into my life. I seriously make these every week and I eat them with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I modify her recipe to make it Whole 30 compliant – I use nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan cheese. I also don’t measure any of the spices (typical for me) and just dump in a bunch of onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper – along with nutritional yeast and almond flour. I also buy the pre-washed/trimmed green beans (which are often on sale for 2/$4 or 2/$5) to save time. This recipe is incredible and you need to make it today!


So, I am a total early bird. I love the quiet of the early morning hours. I get the most done (work, Whole 30 stuff, bills) as my daughter is sleeping and I savor my coffee. I am also a fairly early-to-bed gal but I’ve decided to see how I feel by going to bed a little earlier than usual. Normally, I am in bed 10/10:15 pm and up around 5 am. This week, I have been trying (when possible) to get to bed around 9:30 pm. I am juggling a lot of balls now in life, and I think the extra sleep can play a part in keeping me calm, focused, and energized. Today, I woke up almost an hour before my alarm and I am up for the day and feeling productive. Stay tuned on this. Sleep is so important and it’s definitely a goal I want to keep working on as I continue my health journey. (I also want to drink more water but I will save that for another blog post!)


Next month, we are going to announce a giveaway and partnership in the Facebook group with Brandless, an online market that sells everything (including food, kitchen supplies, home good, etc!) for $3. Brandless was kind enough to curate a Whole 30-friendly box for me (and one soon-to-be lucky winner in the group) and included in the mix was their glass spice jars. This four-pack of jars are awesome for keeping homemade seasoning blends fresh and accessible – and could be great to take on vacation or on a picnic when you want to bring a little of your kitchen with you. And they are just so cute! Stay tuned for more from us on Brandless – I am really excited about this partnership!


My love for coffee is strong. I used to love wine this much, but now that I’m #whole30forlife, coffee is my #1. Yes, I use a Keurig as I am the only person in my household who drinks coffee – the almost 5-year-old has not yet picked up the habit! And one of my favorite coffees to brew is the Dark Roast Arabica Coffee from Trader Joe’s. It’s rich, delicious, and well-priced! Part of the reason I am such an early bird is that I wake up, excited for coffee – and when I have this coffee on hand, I am extra pumped for my morning cup.


In my life pre-Whole 30, you wouldn’t find me regularly eating dried meat bars. These days, I always have some of these savory bars on hand in case of emergency. I’ve picked up some Chomps bars and also some Epic Bars – but I’ve recently become enamored with Wild Zora bars! Unlike jerky, they are not tough and salty – they are easy to eat and each package contains humanely-raised meat along with organic veggies and a small amount of organic fruit. They are high protein and perfect for fuel on-the-go. My favorite flavors are the BBQ Beef, the Apple Pork, and the Mediterranean Lamb. We’re excited to announce that we are now Wild Zora affiliates and have our own discount code! Woo hoo! If you want to give Wild Zora bars a try, use this link and the code WHOLE30FB at checkout, and we’ll save you 20 percent! Let me know what you think!

TGIF! What are YOU loving this Friday?