Friday Faves

Yay for June! There are so many things to love right now. Summer is coming, the weather in New England is getting better, the grill is fired up more than it was over the winter, and my kids are playing outside more!

Here are some of the things that I ‘ve been especially loving lately:

RTIC tumbler with silicone straw

We all need tons of water to keep our body healthy and moving in the right direction. I love my RTIC tumbler and take it with me wherever I go. For some reason I drink more it if I have a silicone straw. I don’t really like the taste of the water through the stainless-steel ones and without a straw I feel like it water is going to dump all over my face. I love that RTIC cups are affordable compared to some other double-walled stainless-steel cups and keep things either hot or cold forever.

Cracklin’ chicken by Nom Nom Paleo

This stuff is the bomb! My whole family eats this salty, crunchy delicious chicken — and asks for seconds. It is becoming more of a weekly staple in our house as it is not only delicious, but super affordable since you use chicken thighs. I serve it as the main course, throw it on salad, or use some if I need a mini meal. I always double the recipe as I love leftovers! I’m using Jenny’s photo since she took a photo before eating hers!

Pro Tip: Get a grease splatter guard. It really saves time on clean-up! I like this!

Condiment bottles for the sauces I make (No more dripping jars here!)

It’s weird, but these bottles make me feel like a pro in the kitchen. I use dump ranch as my plated fat a lot and I got tired of it just dumping out of the jar instead of nicely spreading it over my salads. I find that my portions are more accurate when I use this as it doesn’t plop down on my lettuce and kale in one spot. They are inexpensive and really help with the mess. No more rings from the bottom of the drippy gross jar in my fridge!

Summer and the growing garden that comes along with it!

Summer is fast approaching, and I am excited to have tons of outdoor fun with my kids. I am excited for swimming, and less stressful schedules. I am looking forward to finally making a summer bucket list.

My kids are finally old enough where I feel like we can conquer some of the fun things without completely losing it. Although I am still taking classes, for some reason I feel like summer is still a break from that.

I am also loving the rate at which my raised beds are growing. Last year was a seriously black thumb year and so far, I have had so many salads from the garden and am looking forward to all sorts of veggies and flowers. We moved to our house during summer last year so this year we are really settled, and I am happy to see some of the beautiful flowers that are growing. I mean seriously, look at these peonies. They are just gorgeous! Plus, we have baby broccoli and cauliflower and they are so stinking cute!

Running outside

Although this is currently on pause for me due to heal pain that is seriously getting me down, I know that soon I will be able to get back out there and not have to bundle up. I love running outside. It’s so much nicer than on the treadmill. The warmth of the sun or a little breeze, music rockin’… I just love it.

Plus, I like to pace myself to the beat of the music. I feel like I am in my own little world and can hear myself think. I often take time to process through things that are happening, and the runner’s high is REAL!

It just makes me happy and I’m glad that the weather is cooperating so that when this pain in my foot gets better, I can hit the road in my sneakers on and my music blaring.

Happy Friday! What are YOU loving lately?