How To Make The Perfect Lettuce Wrap

Our friend Dolly, the inspiring blogger behind Dolly’s Whole Life, was kind enough to share with us one of her most popular posts – a how-to on Whole 30 compliant lettuce wraps!

Lettuce wraps make a quick lunch you can bring to the office, to school, or just eat at home – with one hand! You can fill the lettuce wrap with any of your compliant protein and toppings, and use my method of wrapping to ensure you get a nice and tight lettuce wrap that won’t fall apart when you eat it!

My blog post includes a written and video tutorial to help you wrap with success!

A little bit more about me:

Growing up, food was always my security blanket whenever I was anxious, stressed or sad. Using food as a coping mechanism started at a young age and led to me being overweight for most of my life. I was always uncomfortable with my weight and the skin I was in, but never talked about it because I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I would secretly try dieting, but eventually I just accepted the fact that I was always going to be the fat funny friend with a pretty face for a big girl (insert eye roll). I masked all of my insecurities with humor, sarcasm and my ‘loud’ outgoing personality, but deep down I wanted to make to changes and I knew I needed to make changes. I wanted to match what I projected to the world to how I felt and not use it as a mask.

Fast forward to life after college and I finally made the decision to work on my health. This unfortunately started the vicious cycle of trying fad diets and quick fixes which led to the same results: losing a bunch of weight and then regaining it back again only to repeat the same cycle all over.

Finally, I broke the cycle by joining Weight Watchers after a coworker recommended the program to me. It was the answer I needed at that time, and the start to a much healthier form of losing weight. Now, I will not discredit Weight Watchers because the program really helped me jump start my weight loss journey, and it was the reason I started documenting my journey on Instagram but as successful as I was, I still felt terrible physically and mentally even after losing 50 lbs.

I was still uncomfortable in my own skin, my anxiety still controlled my life, my eczema was at its worse and I just wasn’t happy. I didn’t share any of this with anyone because everyone was so impressed with my dramatic weight loss and I was going to ride on that high for as long as possible. After losing the 50 lbs, my weight loss plateaued and my health didn’t improve. I was at my wits end until a fellow blogger told me about the Whole 30 program. After quickly researching the program and hearing testimonies of people’s successes, I figured why not? What did I have to lose?

Little did I know that after a short 30 days my life would dramatically change. I like to think my real ‘whole’ journey started after that first round of Whole 30. It was then I realized that my physical transformation was not as important as my mental transformation. I was more than the scale, and my health was more than just losing a bunch of weight.

So here we are 3+ years later. Through all of this, I found my passion for cooking, my love for yoga and boxing, and found the courage to travel the world with confidence. I’m living and leading the life I imagined, and I hope you all join me while I try to navigate through this crazy thing we call life, and maybe inspire some of you to live the life you imagined.

Dolly is a recent winner of The New Primal Whole 30 Coaching scholarship, and is on her way to becoming a Whole 30 Certified Coach. Follow Dolly on Instagram at @dollyswholelife for more recipes and inspiration!