So, you’ve committed to doing the Whole 30. Cue the fireworks! You’ve bought the books, you’ve done some online research, you’ve connected to our Facebook group (hopefully) and now, it’s time to go food shopping.

In addition to the ingredients you need for your regular meal prep, it’s important to have a well-stocked pantry to help round out your meals!

We’ve got your back with this list of foods to help you complete your kitchen!

Sweet potatoes, potatoes, whole squash and onions These veggies keep for a very long time and you can easily cut them into pieces, spread on a sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and then roast at 400 degrees for 35-45 minutes. Keep checking as the onions obviously cook faster. You can also microwave a sweet potato or potato (poke holes in it first) for about 8-ish minutes and serve with ghee or olive oil, and salt and pepper to take care of part of your meal’s veggie requirement and your fat. If you have more time, you can slather coconut oil on your potatoes or sweet potatoes, wrap them on foil and cook them low and slow in your oven – 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. They are incredible!

Olive Oil Be sure to grab both extra virgin olive oil and light olive oil! You will go through it quickly on Whole 30! Use the EVOO to roast vegetables (I roast veggies like it’s my job!!) and you can also whip up a quick salad dressing using any combination of EVOO, compliant balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, compliant mustard, apple cider vinegar, and spices. Just play around with what tastes good to you! I often just drizzle EVOO, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper on greens and call it a day for salad dressing! I use the light olive oil for homemade mayo, dump ranch, and when I saute vegetables or chicken sausage.

Eggs Eggs will become your best friend on Whole30. Many mornings for easy protein, I cook three eggs (fried in avocado or coconut oil) for breakfast and share some of the whites with my daughter (nice mom, I am!). Most Whole 30 recipes call for eggs. Always have a dozen at a minimum in your fridge! Eggs are a great easy dinner when you’re tired and there have been a million times that a fried egg has spiced up my dinner of leftover something that I didn’t really feel like eating. Once you put a fried egg on top, it’s suddenly 100 times better!

Raw nuts Whole30 encourages you to go easy on your nut consumption as they can add up quickly but there have been many times when I have grabbed a handful of cashews (the chosen nut of Whole 30) with my meal for a quick fat. I also love raw almonds and walnuts. Nuts are great on top of salads or mixed into dishes like egg roll in a bowl. I also keep some raw nuts in my purse and at my desk at work JUST IN CASE of a hunger emergency!

Coconut Milk I keep no fewer than four cans of Thai Kitchen or Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut milk in my kitchen at all times. I use this for coffee, to make scrambled eggs, and also in several recipes, including dump ranch, which I almost always have on hand!

Emergency Protein There will come a night when you are too tired to cook dinner. Be prepared with some emergency protein, such as compliant Applegate Hot Dogs or Trader Joe’s frozen chicken chili lime burgers. Also, cans of tuna with no soy – read your labels! Too tired to cook? Heat up some hot dogs/burgers and serve with some easy veggies and fat (see the rest of this post for ideas!!) Or open a can of tuna and mix with your homemade mayo or dump ranch (I always try to have at least one condiment pre-made) and you are good to go! One day I brought a can of tuna and a can opener to work and added it to a salad with veggies, hard-boiled egg and avocado (dressed with olive oil) that I bought. Tuna to the rescue!

Compliant Chicken Sausage About once a week, I cook up a package of compliant apple chicken sausage (I love the Coleman’s Natural or Aidell’s brands) and cut it into rounds. I sauté it in light olive oil with green apple and onion, seasoning with salt and pepper. I keep it in my fridge and add it to my egg breakfasts. So good and so easy!

Long-lasting Fruit One of the first mistakes I made on Whole30 was that I overbought fruit and it went bad. I tend to eat fruit at one or two meals daily because I enjoy it and I also exercise a lot (and walk a lot in my commute!). Fruit like apples, oranges, pears, and bananas tend to stay good for a while — remember you are going to eat small servings of fruit with your meal! I also always have no sugar added applesauce and raisins in my house for emergencies. If your fruit starts to go bad, you can cook it up in some water (add cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, etc) and make your own makeshift apple/fruit sauce. Just remember to eat it WITH your meal and not as a post-dinner treat.

Coconut Oil A staple for so much in Whole30 — Use it to cook your eggs, put it in your coffee, use it in recipes, and put it on your face to moisturize!

Ghee I am too lazy/busy(!) to make my own ghee but I always have Gather Superfoods ghee on hand. They make an original and a brown butter variety – and they both out of this world! Add ghee to your coffee, throw some on a baked potato, use it to make homemade buffalo sauce (with compliant hot sauce), or just add a dollop to the veggies already on your plate. It’s that good. I make a lot of salmon cakes and ghee is great in these. You can also make “fried” zucchini by sautéing zucchini, almond meal, ghee, and salt and pepper until it gets nice and browned. YUM!

Spices Having some basic spices on hand is so key to Whole30. Make sure you are stocked up on salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, dried parsley, cinnamon, and Italian seasoning. Check your labels to make sure everything is compliant. If you want to add a few more, grab some mustard powder, dried chives, cumin, and paprika. If you have access to a Trader Joe’s, check out their “Everything But the Bagel” blend and their Seasoning Salt. And if you’re really ready to spice things up, order some of our partner Tiny Little Chef’s spice blends – they will help you take your cooking to the next level.

What’s in your pantry?