I CAN NOT! Fighting Food Fatigue

You’re over it. There’s nothing worse than hitting the ground running early on in your round to feel like you just CAN’T with food anymore. Cauliflower rice? GAH. Roasted sweet potatoes? BLAH. And eggs? Well, I love eggs…like LOOOOVE eggs, but if you aren’t me…UGH! The Whole30 timeline talks about food boredom setting in around the third week. The bad news is a lot of people experience this and it can feel super discouraging. The good news is you can be prepared and plan for it! You aren’t alone. Here are some ideas to fight the food fatigue fight:

Change up your dressings/sauces/seasonings. We all know the flavors make the dish. If you find you are always sticking with the same few spices every time you make chicken, potatoes, or veggies, investigate some new flavors in the form of a sauce, dressing, or spice blend. There are also some delicious and compliant options if the thought of making something from scratch is too overwhelming. I love Yai’s Thai Almond sauce. Throw it over some chicken and veggies with a handful of cashews over the top and it’s a delicious Asian-inspired dish that tastes completely different than if you used salsa, oil and vinegar or Frank’s Red Hot. There are really so many options.

Challenge yourself to try new vegetables. Veggies should be making up at least half your plate, so maybe you take a walk in the produce section and find an interesting or intriguing vegetable you’ve never cooked with and see where it takes you. Now that Spring is here, you could look for Farmer’s Markets and support local farmers while you buy some fresh delicious veggies to bring home.

Get inspired and play chef! Try out a new recipe. Search the group, surf social media (Instagram, Pinterest, favorite food bloggers – just double check ingredients to make sure everything is compliant!) and find a new recipe that looks good, sparks your interest, and gets your literal digestive juices flowing. Get cooking and maybe by the time your new delicious recipe is ready to eat, you will be too. I know sometimes in an effort to keep it simple I can get bored. A new recipe is exciting and fun and even if I don’t feel hungry or nothing sounds like it tastes good, I will want to try my creation and LO AND BEHOLD, I am usually hungry.

Eat what you can! Eat something that is compliant and meets as much of the meal template as possible; if you can manage a mini-meal, that’s even better. Small portions of protein, vegetable and healthy fat. If all you can stomach is a hardboiled egg, some celery and almond butter? Great. If the only thing that sounds good is a Nick’s Sticks, a few cucumber slices and a bit of guacamole? Perfect. Just eat something even if it’s half a baked potato with ghee.

Remember, it’s just a phase. Every part of Whole 30 has its challenges, but the rewards make it totally worth it. Don’t give up. Power through. This would be a perfect time to phone a friend, journal, or meditate on the reason you committed to 30 days and get some support. Then, eat your compliant food and wait it out. Once it passes, you’ll be back on track. And hungry. You’ll probably be hungry. Bon Appetit!