“I might as well”: How to stay focused in the final days of the year!

By Judith

Happy Limbo Days!

These days between Christmas and New Year’s can be a hard time to navigate. Leftovers and desserts are everywhere. Break rooms at work are still filled with treats. No one’s sure exactly what day it is – but we know that a fresh start — January 1 — is right around the corner.

It could be REALLY EASY right now to throw in the towel on healthy eating and say “I might as well” eat EVERYTHING. After all, we’ll restart our diet or our Whole30 in 2020 and get back on track then. Right?

There are six days between now and January 1. How do you want these six days to play out? In six days, you can make a lot of #nortworthit decisions/or just totally give up and end up feeling pretty badly. You can start the new year feeling tired, stressed, achy, and desperate to regain your health.  

Or you can flip this switch on the old diet mentality. You can spend these next six days being mindful about what you’re eating. You can enjoy some treats – but not ALL THE THINGS. Going back to re-read Food Freedom Forever is always a good idea. It’s one of my favorite Whole30 books and it’s filled with tangible tips on how to decide which foods are worth it.

These eight questions from FFF are key to keep in mind as you evaluate potential treats.

  1. Will it promote cravings or make my Sugar Dragon roar?
  2. Will it make me feel lethargic or put me on an energy roller coaster?
  3. Will it disrupt my sleep?
  4. Will it mess up my digestion or leave me with gas or bloating?
  5. Will it negatively impact my mood, attention span, focus, or motivation?
  6. Will it make my symptoms (pain, swelling, fatigue) flare up?
  7. Will it trigger an adverse reaction (asthma, migraines, skin breakouts)?
  8. Will it mess me up?

But the Sugar Dragon is fierce and it may be hard to even step back from the sweets and ask yourself those questions. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to go back to a Whole30 Mini Reset for a few days. Yes, you have to follow ALL of the rules of Whole30 but it will serve you well as you head into the New Year.

If doing a strict Mini Reset is not in the cards right now, then can you focus on eating Whole30-ish? Think lots of protein, veggies, healthy fat, and fruit. Don’t stress over a tiny bit of sugar in your bacon or additives in your salad dressing.

Eating close to Whole30 – avoiding the big food groups of dairy, grains, legumes, soy, alcohol, and recreated baked goods – is a guaranteed way to feel better. Maybe you’re planning to indulge mindfully on New Year’s Eve. That’s fine! Just get right back to your Whole30-ish eating (or maybe your January Whole30 if you’re planning on it) the next day.

It’s NOT about punishing yourself with a diet or forcing yourself to do a round of Whole30 because everyone’s dong one in January. (If you are doing a January round, do you have a clear WHY?) It’s about entering the New Year feeling strong, positive, and empowered around food.

I like to tell my Whole30 coaching clients to think about Whole30 as their baseline of eating, their “new normal.” To that, we can add some special “worth it” foods. Sometimes a food will actually be worth it. We eat it and move on. That’s a huge victory and an awesome feeling!

And sometimes we eat it, and it’s not worth it. It happens. This is where the work really happens. Stop eating it. Follow Melissa’s One Bite Rule. From moment, get back on track with your regularly scheduled Whole30/Whole30-ish eating. Don’t let that decision derail you. You may feel bad or guilty or mad at yourself – but what happens next is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the process. 

Make your next bite, your next meal, your next day, your next week – whatever you need – filled with foods that nourish your body. Breathe. Remember how good you feel when you treat yourself right. Review the Whole30 Non-Scale Victory checklist. Write down your WHY. Remember your worth. You deserve to be a healthy person. You are a healthy person.

And if you need more support, post in our Facebook group. This month marks four years since we’ve been here helping thousands of people navigate Whole30 and life beyond a round. We are here for you – as are the thousands of people who are also walking the same path.

We wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2020! May this be the year that you find your BEST self and ultimate peace with food. We believe in you.

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