Ideas for an At Home Workout

By Felicia Arnold

The idea of working out while on a Whole30 can be daunting. 

From experience, I know the first few days of a new round can be difficult but ultimately, I have more energy than ever and my workouts feel amazing! I owe much of my newfound energy to the Whole30 way of eating. It’s more than just the 30 days for me. It’s truly become part of my lifestyle!

If you are just starting an exercise routine, it’s not necessary to have a gym membership – you can get effective workouts in at home! Also, if you are like me and live in a cold winter state, it can be hard to get out early in the morning before work to go to the gym. It’s much more appealing for me to wake up and head to my warm workout space instead! At-home workouts can even become part of your routine when you are traveling for vacation or for work!

I have been incorporating at-home workouts early in the morning before work in order to avoid leaving my house in the cold and to avoid skipping a workout all together due to being busy in the evening. With Whole30, I am getting plenty of sleep and feel more ready than ever to wake up and get moving at 5am!

I am sharing a workout here that you can hopefully add to your movement routine! This workout requires minimal equipment but you can definitely add hand weights as desired to increase the intensity! 

I have added modified notes to make the exercises easier or harder based on your need. I have also suggested a number of reps and rounds – but you can adjust based on the time you have for the workout and your fitness level. The more you do it, the more rounds you should be able to accomplish!!

Have fun!

Pushups (10 reps) – Modify by dropping your knees to the floor but still keeping a straight spine.

Wide leg squats w weight (20 reps)- Modify by using no weight

Mountain climbers (30 secs)- Modified by doing toe taps, still knees towards chest

Plank (30 secs)

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Alternating front shoulder raise and side shoulder raise (20 reps total) – Use resistance band or hand weights

Alternating Lunges (20 reps total) – I tend to do reverse lunges as it is easier on my knees

Side skater jumps (1 min)-Modify by just stepping side to side and still staying low in a squat

Abdominal Bicycle kicks(30 total)

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Bicep curls (20 reps)- This can be done using hand weights or resistance bands

Burpees (30 secs) – Modify by stepping back and stepping up instead of jumping back and jumping up. Also, you can modify by using a steady raised surface to avoid bending down too much.

Repeat 2-3 rounds

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