It's Not About Weight Loss, But It Is…

There are plenty of us who are drawn to Whole30 with the promise of losing weight quickly. I’m not going to lie—that was what drew me in! Then, I got the book and starting thumbing through it and realized that there was so much more to it…but it was still mostly about weight loss, right???

I had been through the ringer before starting. I was at a pretty low point and felt so out of control, tired, mentally scattered so it was great timing that I found myself at a children’s birthday party with Judith who was happy drinking some seltzer water while the rest of us were eating cake (I will admit I looked at her and thought: “OK, whatever, Ms. Discipline over there drinking your water!”)

We got to talking about Whole30 — and she was pretty convincing. So, another mom and I decided to hop on board and give this Whole30 thing a try. What did we have to lose? Well, weight actually.

The weight melted off during the first round but I found some other pretty interesting things happening:

  • Mental clarity I was as sharp as a super sharp tack!

  • Less anxiety I’m not saying that everyone will have this but, for me, it was a big thing.

  • Energy, Energy, Energy! When you start scrubbing your kitchen down with a toothbrush, you know your tiger blood has arrived!

  • Woke Up Feeling Great Eating crap the day before and waking up feeling ‘ugh’ was something that was happening all too often so waking up and feeling like a million bucks was the best feeling.

I had it backwards though—one 30 day round wasn’t going to make me lose weight and keep it off. After the 30 days, I could go back to pizza, pop, and all things sugar and guess what would happen? The weight would creep back on and the ‘dieting’ cycle would continue.

I should have realized that changing my relationship with food was the key. Change that and the weight will follow along with so many non-scale victories that you won’t want to give up. I’m still a work in progress and have more weight to lose but I’m getting there and I can say that after a few rounds, eating like this is now a habit. I feel happy and not deprived of anything.

So, do yourself a favor if you’re looking at Whole30 for losing weight. Jump off the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and quick-fix band wagons and change your relationship with food. Then, the weight will follow.

Look at yourself as more than a person who needs to lose weight. Look at yourself as someone who has a lot to gain! Trust in the program, it really works!