Label Quiz: Can We Stump You?

We read so many labels while on a round. Have you ever scrutinized your labels on products that are already laying around your kitchen? It can be a bit shocking! Of course, it’s also shocking how much time you spend cooking on a round so, take stock of what changes you can make while you’re off a round. Can you make better choices? Buy something with, say, no thiamine mononitrate or three forms of sugar? Or, can you make it from scratch instead of buying it? Homemade stuffing vs. Stovetop?

Take our quiz and see if you can guess what these products are from the labels? Comment below with your guesses and labels in your kitchen. When we get to 20 comments, we’ll reveal the answers. Happy guessing!

#1) Does this look familiar to you?

#2) What about this?

#3) Surely, this rings a bell?

#4) Yummy?

#5) Mixed tocopherols!

#6) Any guesses?

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