Move It Monday – A Look Back at My Week of Movement

To me, moving my body is one of my top four priorities, along with caring for my daughter, prepping healthy food, and focusing on my job. Although I am a busy, working mom with a long commute, I make time to move. It’s not always easy – and sometimes means I work out when I’m not in the mood – but I get it done.

How do I do it? I belong to a gym that’s across the street from my office, which is expensive but worth it for me. At the start of each week, I look at my schedule and plug in workouts like appointments on my calendar. We all know that life happens so sometimes things don’t go as planned but I try to stick with as closely as possible.

The other key to my success as a regular exerciser is that I get up VERY early. Like 4:30/5 am early – Sometimes I use these hours to move via a DVD at home. Other times I use the early morning to get work and blog stuff done so I have time to get my workout in later in the day. I make every moment count!

Here’s a look back at my movement from last week and a little bit about how I made it happen. On the days I go into work, I walk about 3 miles in my commute and take the stairs up and down to my desk on the 8th floor. If there’s a way to move my body, I will always take it!

Note: This week included movement every day. Some weeks are like this, and others are not. I do take occasional rest days but my body truly feels best with daily movement. You will see that I had variety in my workouts, although I did not do yoga this week, which I usually do. I took advantage of bright spots in a rainy week to get outside for three runs in a week, which has not happened in a while.

Sunday: I was at my parents’ house over the weekend for Passover and I knew that if I didn’t get my movement in on Sunday morning, it was not going to happen. (The rest of the day was filled with driving back to my house, unpacking, food shopping, cooking, spending time outside with my daughter, and taking her to/from her Dad’s house for an Easter Egg Hunt.) I got up and ran 3 miles in my old neighborhood. I felt strong and happy – There is nothing like starting your day off with a good run! Done and done!

Monday: I had a meeting out of the office in the morning but it began earlier than planned so I was able to get to my gym on time for my regular lunchtime 45-minute Body Pump class. Body Pump is a barbell workout that uses light to moderate weights with lots of repetitions. It’s a total body workout – We hit squats, back, arms, chest, glutes, abs – if it’s on your body, it gets worked! I love this class and always leave feeling extra empowered.

Tuesday: Today, I went to a lunchtime “Press” class. It’s a 45-minute class that builds strength and utilizes a variety of equipment to sculpt all major muscle groups. There’s nothing like feeling strong in the middle of the work day! After the workout, it’s back up the 8 flights of stairs to my desk, where I eat my lunch.

Wednesday: I started my day with a 6 am barre class at my local studio. I love getting my workout in and done before the day begins. Wednesday morning is the only morning my daughter wakes up at her dad’s house so I definitely take advantage of the early morning!

Thursday: I worked from home today because I had an early afternoon work meeting near where I live. It was sunny and warm-ish – a bright spot in the middle of a rainy streak. I knew I wanted some time outside so I laced up my sneakers and knocked out 3.6 miles after I took my daughter to school and before I dug into my work. I also did some push-ups for extra credit!

Friday: I had today off from work due to Passover and my daughter had school so I was a free agent for part of the day! I scheduled my errands and my to-do list around getting to a “Matte Plus” class at my barre studio. It’s basically barre using heavier weights so it incorporates some more intense strength training.

Saturday: I was up a few times in the night with my daughter so when 5 am rolled around, I wasn’t too excited by the idea of early morning yoga. So, I stayed in a bed a little longer and decided to go for a run while she was in Hebrew School. I mapped out a total of 3.4 miles from the synagogue and back – and even had time to hit Whole Foods for some meal prep supplies before I had to pick her up.

Sunday: I had some time in the morning when my daughter was with her dad, and with most of my meal prep done (I did this Saturday evening and early Sunday morning), I took my very favorite Hott Barre class, with one of my favorite instructors who has been out on maternity leave and was making a guest substitute appearance. The class is a barre class done entirely on a matte. It fuses elements of yoga, Pilates, ballet and traditional weight training in a heated room. It ends with a nice stretch and some aroma therapy – and I love it! It was sweaty for sure, but I left refreshed and ready to tackle the new week ahead of me.

How will you move this week? Do you schedule it on your calendar? How do you keep yourself accountable?