Naked Bacon Make Ahead Breakfast

My weekday mornings are usually rushed trying to get everyone out the door. In the middle of the kitchen chaos of the morning is usually when my husband decides it’s a great time to unload the dishwasher. Can someone please explain why men do this? Why? During all of this rush, I need to get myself breakfast too. I’ve made breakfast bakes, squash casseroles, and everything in between to help get out of the door. I need quick. I need convenient. I need compliant.

The light bulb in my head flickered for a bit and then it came on. *BING* I could just make my veggie portions in bulk and freeze it! I’d have some variety and something quick to go with eggs and not have to eat the same breakfast bake all week!

I had a couple of packages of Naked Bacon that I wanted to use and picked the original. I’m saving the Chipotle flavour for later. OK, it’s actually stuffed on the bottom shelf in the back of the fridge behind a couple of things so my husband doesn’t eat it all. This sort of food needs to be savoured not inhaled!

I cooked some potatoes the night before (it’s easier to cut them to make a hash when they’re cold). Veggies of choice to go with this–asparagus, onions, and mushrooms.

I sauteed the asparagus in EVOO and some seasonings making sure I didn’t overcook them. It’s so easy to overcook asparagus and, if you’re freezing it, you don’t want it to be soggy. No one likes soggy asparagus!

I had a second pan going to cook the bacon. Once cooked, I chopped it up and set it aside then cooked the onions and cut up potatoes in the bacon fat. After a few minutes, I tossed in the mushrooms. When it was done, I mixed in the asparagus and bacon and set it aside. Remember to not overcook the portions that you’re going to freeze.

I ended up cooking a portion of it a little longer so I could eat it for supper and made two eggs over easy to toss on top of it. Love egg yolk on top of potatoes! And, yes, I did have a plated fat. You’re awesome for noticing that it wasn’t in the photo.

I have some bags in my freezer now that I can toss in the fridge the night before. In the morning, I can grab it, make some eggs with it, toss on a plated fat (pesto would be yummy!) and go.

The combinations are endless using other veggies/meats/seasonings like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peppers, or ground sausage. This is the way that I shake my breakfast up so I can have some variety and beat food boredom!

Oh, and the bacon? Delish! I didn’t find it was as salty or fatty as other bacon and I really liked that–it tasted like fancy shmancy bacon! It’s made in small batches, not mass produced, and it shows. If you want to try Naked Bacon’s bacon and sausage links, we have a 10% discount for you when you use the code EVERYDAYWHOLE. Shop here.