On The Road…With Whole30

I recently hopped on a plane by myself for a girls’ weekend away. It was my first time spending more than a night away from my daughters. I was so excited to catch up with friends. I knew there would be linger-y dinners and food that was definitely NOT Whole 30 compliant, but I still wanted to maintain some semblance of my normally healthy diet.

Since it was a special trip, I had made dinner reservations at some hot restaurants in Chicago months in advance. I also planned for healthy quick lunches in the city.

For breakfasts, my plan was to rely on food that I brought with me and to augment with food from local coffee shops. I also bought myself a new small water bottle that I kept filled with water and in my purse. Staying hydrated throughout the day is key for me to keeping cravings at bay.

My flight out was at lunchtime so I took food with me to the airport. I had a hardboiled egg in a Ziploc baggie, ½ a Fawen brand soup, sliced cucumber, and an apple with a Barney Butter.

This is definitely less than what I would normally eat at lunchtime, but to be honest I’m not a great flier so I wanted to keep it light. I drank the soup while waiting in the security line so I could get rid of the liquid and finished the rest of my lunch while waiting for my flight to board. During the flight I opted for a seltzer to drink from the beverage chart and a serving of Barnana bananas. For whatever reason those seemed to settle my stomach.

In the mornings on my trip, I left the house with a turkey strip, Vital Proteins collagen, a Barney Butter, and a compliant bar. The bar was for emergencies. I tend to get HANGRY if meals are delayed, but luckily that never happened.

My flight home was delayed by more than two hours and I didn’t leave Chicago until 10:30 pm. While waiting, the restaurants in the terminal shut down and I was happy that I had a compliant Rx bar with me. I ate it before boarding and then tried to sleep a little since my new arrival time plus time change meant that it was nearly 2am before I landed.

Not ideal, but this falls under the category of a true emergency for me. My flight kept getting delayed and there was no back up or healthier options for a meal.

All in all, I had a great trip and I was happy to stay close to my routine. I had a fabulous time away and felt great about my eating. This is true Food Freedom.

How do you handle being out of your routine? What’s your favorite Whole 30 travel food?