Quick Weekend Meal Prep – Whole60 Edition

I am on the final days of my Whole60 (!!) and wanted to keep my meal prep game SIMPLE this weekend. I didn’t want to dedicate a big chunk of time to getting set for the week ahead so I chose easy ideas and spread out my prep into little pockets of work.

Here’s how I broke down my weekend to fit in meal prep — without spending hours in the kitchen!

I got a head start to the weekend by making sure I did my laundry and changed my sheets on Friday/Saturday morning so I could cross that off my to-do list. When I get these chores done, my mind is clearer and able to focus on the food prep part of my weekend.

On Saturday morning, I sat down and made a rough meal plan and shopping list and took out a pack of Thrive Market ground beef from the freezer to defrost.

On Saturday afternoon, I made sure to hit the supermarket (with my 5-year-old in tow) even though we were tired after a morning playdate. It’s not always easy to get up and go but we did it, and it wasn’t all that bad!

When we got home from the supermarket, I asked her to help me in the kitchen, and she obliged! Together, we made a batch of Whole30 mayo and she helped me cut a potato for a sheet pan chicken sausage dinner. I added Coleman’s Natural apple chicken sausage, diced potatoes, onion, broccoli, light olive oil and Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel spice. That cooked while I gave her a bath. One meal done!

Sunday morning, I got up at my normal 5 am time while she slept in! Since I knew I was going to have a chance to hit up a workout class in the evening, I used my early morning hours to do some quick prep. I made a batch of 40 Aprons Egg Roll in a Bowl and also spiced up the mayo I made on Saturday with some Frank’s Red Hot and salt to make it like the creamy chili sauce in the recipe.

I also turned my pack of ground beef into meatballs. I mixed the beef with chopped garlic, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, parsley, Italian seasoning blend, salt and pepper, nutritional yeast, and an egg. I popped those into the oven and while they baked, I sautéed some sweet potato noodles I bought yesterday in avocado oil with salt and pepper. I have a jar of Whole30 Approved Cucina Antica sauce I will use with the meatballs and veggie noodles. Easy peasy!

When my daughter woke up and before our Sunday playdate plans, I enlisted her help to make two batches of my favorite Crispy Green Beans (based off of this recipe from Low Carb Yum – I use nutritional yeast instead of parmesan cheese.)

I shared some of the Egg Roll in a Bowl, the crispy green beans, and the sweet potato noodles with my neighbors and at some point this week, they will share a Whole30 dish or two with me which adds variety to my meal plan!

I have lots of eggs to eat throughout the week as well as frozen burgers to pop into my Air Fryer for quick protein for a weeknight meal. I also have to finish up a little bit of food from last week – which I will do sooner than later – so I know that will get me through another meal or two.

While at the supermarket, I bought two packs of chicken tenders, which have become my go-to easy protein source. Later this week, I will likely turn one pack into Michelle Smith’s Grain-Free Popcorn Chicken, from The Whole Smiths’ Good Food Cookbook.

The other pack will probably become pulled chicken in my InstantPot and finished with either The New Primal Classic BBQ sauce or Buffalo Sauce.

I will do these when I have a little time – either early in the morning or in the evening when my daughter is asleep. I squeeze it in when I can!

To keep my veggie supply up later in the week, I will make a bag of cauliflower rice from the freezer and roast some sweet potatoes, onions, and the leftover broccoli from my sheet pan meal.

I know that I have enough “emergency food” to get me through and in a super duper pinch, I can always grab a Whole30 compliant salad at Sweetgreen toward the end of the week. I don’t think it will come to that but it’s nice to know I have a back-up if I need it.

And there you have it – quick and easy meal prep that didn’t take over my weekend or cause me serious stress. I kept it simple and I know I will finish my Whole60 strong!

Do you have any favorite easy meal prep hacks? Do your kids ever cook with you?