Reflections on the Whole30 Coach Summit

If you’ve been following my story, you know that earlier this year I won a Whole30 Coaching Scholarship from The New Primal and became an official Whole30 Certified Coach in June.

This has all been a dream come true for me as I have wanted to become a Whole30 Coach since, well, before Whole30 Coaches were a thing. I love to help people discover and execute the program that has literally helped me live my best life, and given me peace around eating after years of a tumultuous relationship with food.

The Coach Summit was the first annual gathering of Whole30 Coaches from around the world, and there were about 100 coaches in attendance. It was unreal – in so many ways.

We convened in gorgeous Park City, Utah, among the mountains. We stayed at the Grand Summit Lodge which was spacious and perfect for our group. We learned about branding and marketing and public relations and self-care and working with Whole30 companies and how to define boundaries as a Coach and when you share some of your life on social media.

We ate incredible Whole30 meals together and drank lots of LaCroix! We moved together and did outdoor workouts with Todd from TMAC Fitness.

We had the chance to meet and connect with Melissa Hartwig, Danielle Walker from Against All Grain, and the team from The New Primal – and so many more incredible experts who were there to help us take ourselves and our coaching to the next level.

So, what did I take away from my time in Utah?

  • Gratitude I think the #1 thing I came away with from the weekend is immense gratitude – for being here, right now, with this community. Like so many other people, I happened upon Whole30 by chance, a chance that changed my life. I am not typically a “woo woo” person but when I paused in various moments of this weekend (as Melissa Hartwig asked us to do) – looking at the sunrise, being on the top of a mountain, connecting with other people who have found hope and peace from Whole30, it was overwhelming. I am just so grateful to be part of this world, to be a Coach, and to be able to share my knowledge about Whole30 far and wide.

  • Purpose and Self Value Walking into the Summit, many Coaches (including myself) grappled with charging for Whole30 Coaching. Many of us have experienced people who push back that the program is free and available online – so why would they need a Coach? But, the Summit really cemented for me that my Coaching services are important and valuable and NECESSARY. As Melissa Hartwig said, we are the boots on the ground of the this program, working to help everyone find success on Whole30. We have so much to offer – personalized support, accountability, expertise, encouragement, troubleshooting tips, new recipes, and more! I love this post from one of my fellow coaches which outlines 11 awesome reasons to work with a Whole30 Certified Coach.

  • My Platform and My Voice There are a million ways to be a Whole30 Coach – and our Coaching community is super creative! Some of the Coaches focus on in-person individual clients, while others lead groups at a gym or at a workplace. Some of the Coaches partner up and work together. Others only work with virtual clients. My platform is Facebook! I plan to run small Coaching groups on Facebook throughout the year. This is my strength and rather than try to be everything to everyone, I am going to stay in my lane and focus on my abilities to lead effectively on Facebook. My voice is a mix of your Whole30 BFF (I’ve got your back EVERY DAY!), tough love, and knowledgeable support.

  • Whole30 is the Tie That Binds The Coaches in the room represented men and women from around the world. We each had a story, a reason for finding Whole30. I heard some of these stories and they were deep. Our collective backgrounds include grief, sadness, anxiety, eating disorders, illness, and so much more. We have walked different roads but our steps have all led us to Whole30. And that’s pretty amazing! It truly does start with food…and that was more evident than ever at the Summit.

  • Be Authentic Whatever you do, be yourself. Serve as a Coach from an authentic place, be true to who you are. It can be easy to compare yourself to other Coaches or random strangers on Instagram showing you their curated lives. You don’t have to be like them. Promote products and brands you truly love and use. Offer encouragement from your own struggles. Share your own passion for the parts of the program that really excite you. Be real. People will flock to you if you are authentic.

  • Self-care is important These days, self-care is a huge buzzword and it means different things to different people. In my case, it means setting boundaries and realizing that I can’t do EVERYTHING ALL OF THE TIME. Taking time to decompress is important. I tend to be go-go-go and while hustling every now and then is a good (and necessary) thing, overworking yourself and living without boundaries is not! I pledge to be a committed and dedicated Coach but I know that sometimes a response to a client or a post to Facebook can wait. As Melissa Hartwig reminded us, there’s no such thing as a social media emergency. Sometimes things can wait until later, or gasp, tomorrow. Spending time taking care of me and my daughter is important and should not be at the bottom of my “to-do” list as a Coach.

I’ll wrap up here with another THANK YOU! Without you – this community – I would not be where I am in my personal Whole 30 journey, both as a participant and a Coach. I am immensely grateful to everyone for being so warm and compassionate in your support of me and the other group members.

Other Coaches and brands I met know that we have something special within our Facebook group and blog, and encouraged me to keep doing what we’re doing. So, thank you. Let’s keep going and bringing the Whole30 life to as many people as possible. You are worth it. They are worth it. We are worth it.

Thanks to Sarah Steffens (@sarahsteffens_personalchef) for the photos from the Whole30 Coach Summit. To see more Summit photos on Instagram, search #whole30coachsummit!