Slipping Back Into Bad Habits: How To Stop And Get Back On Track

You finished a round. You rocked it for 30 days, had some GREAT NSVs and may have lost some weight. You may or may not have done a reintro. You’re kind of happy (ok, really happy!) that you have no more dishes piling up, no more meal prepping, and no more detective work reading labels for hidden sugars.

You’ve slipped a little. Maybe you rewarded yourself the day after with a piece of cheesecake or a glass of wine. Maybe after that reward, you decided that a night out would be great and ate with abandon. You started to shop again in the processed food aisles at the grocery store because it’s convenient.

It’s slowly gotten to a point where you realize that you’ve slipped back into the bad habits that you broke while on your round. Panic ensues. You’ve fallen off the wagon and the wagon is now running over you again and again and again.

Time to take a look at these bad habits and how to get back on track.

Skipping Breakfast & Drinking Coffee First

Maybe you were never a big breakfast eater and had to work hard to get used to eating breakfast. Maybe you just want to run out the door without having to make breakfast–grabbing a bagel or a muffin on the go is so much more convenient.

Refocus: Take the extra 15 minutes when you’re getting ready for the day to get yourself off to a good start. Does this mean that you have to give up a bit of time to prep? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes! When I know I need to fly out of the door in the morning, I usually alternate between a few dishes that I can toss into a container, reheat, and go. Make a frittata or some chicken stuffed spaghetti squash! *BOOM*, done!

Eating When You’re Stressed

This is such an easy habit to fall into. We know that food can be a comfort–what’s not comforting about double chocolate ice cream with whipped cream after a horribly stressful day? Or, the doughnuts that are going to give you a break from your worries? Hey, when you’re stressed, the sugar dragon can try to wiggle it’s way in and be your BFF. I get this. I’ve been there. I’ll probably be there again at some point.

Refocus: Mindfulness. Yeah, yeah, I know. Easier said that done. You know why you’re eating–you’re stressed! Time to give yourself a pep talk and talk yourself out of it. You can do deep breathing. You can let the craving pass (give it 3-5 minutes!). My trick is to keep busy… Mani/Pedi time! Give yourself a facial. Take a long bath. Learn to knit! Seriously… it’s been shown by many sources (here’s one, for example) to help with anxiety and stress. In the end, find something to keep yourself busy with. Have a few ideas in your back pocket of what to do when you’re stressed and, remember, I’m here so email me instead of eating a large pizza! We can chat!


I’m bored so I’m going to eat! Ever find yourself standing in front of the fridge with the door open wondering what you should eat? Are you really hungry? Think about it–would you eat a bowl of broccoli if it was in front of you? No? Then, you’re not really hungry–step away from the fridge.

Refocus: See the stress eating above! Time to find a hobby! It doesn’t matter if it’s whittling soap or playing FarmVille on your phone (not sure that’s an actually hobby but to each their own). Since you’re not longer standing in front of the fridge looking for food, take some time to think about what you enjoy or would enjoy doing–then go do it or learn how to do it! Fun fact–you can’t blog while eating!

Eating Out/The Quick Fix

Late getting back from work? Gotta get out the door super quick? We’re all busy–we tend to stretch ourselves too thin with commitments–I get that! I’m not talking about going to eat out with friends or on a date. I’m talking grabbing Mickey D’s Big Mac and fries (yes, I’ll supersize it because I’ll have a DIET Coke with it!). You were out of this habit on your round and you can do it again!

Refocus: Have a bag of nuts and some Chomps sticks in your glove compartment in the car. It’ll tide you over until you get home! Always make sure that you always have something in the freezer that you can take out and toss in the microwave (ex. meatballs, burgers, cauliflower rice, frozen peppers, etc.). This doesn’t have to add a lot of time to your already busy schedule–just double up on a recipe and freeze things in individual portion sizes. If you’re eating out because you’re bored, find some new recipes here!

What’s Your Kitchen Look Like

Has your kitchen gone from having healthy products to having more junk food and processed food in it? Yes? Are you buying treats for your family that you like more than them? Oreos anyone? Time to purge!

Refocus: If I start sliding a bit, I like to go back to basics and purge my kitchen and my mind. It feels GREAT! A clean slate. A new beginning. Take control of your kitchen!

So, if you’re feeling bummed out about your healthy habits sliding, make some tweaks and get back on track. If that Sugar Dragon is the one that running you over and over and over again with the wagon you fell off of, it might be time to do another round!

What did you do to stop slipping into some old bad habits after a round? We’d love to hear your tips!