Super quick meal ideas because you're so hungry! NOW!

Friends, we have all been there. Life happens and all of a sudden you are HUNGRY. Maybe you were running errands, finishing up one more project at work or helping the kids get an activity set up (or let’s be honest…cleaning up a disaster…) and you realize you really need to eat. Like, REALLY need to eat.

In my life before Whole 30, this is when I would pour a bowl of cereal, pick up the phone and order enough pizza to feel a small army, or make any number of other choices that would leave me standing at the fridge a short while later because, guess what!? I was still hungry.

You may be in the middle of a round or perhaps you’re working on practicing making life after Whole30 as close to compliant as possible. But, regardless, there are some quick and easy options to get food on your plate in less time than a pizza delivered to your door – options that WON’T make you sluggish and WILL keep you on track!

  1. Apple chicken sausages I like Aidell’s brand. I buy them at Costco and they come in a four-pack. I keep them in the fridge to use for busy nights or when I’m too tired to do much else. You can slice them and pan fry, bake in the oven, or grill! I serve them with anything from cauliflower rice, sautéed pepper and onion or over salad, and then just add any healthy fat that sounds good. At my house, it’s usually guacamole/avocado/or olives. Bonus! My 3-year-old loves them too so I know it’s a night he’s going to eat dinner. Ha! Winning!

  2. Tuna/Chicken salad with mayo or guacamole This is an awesome super quick meal. I serve it over extra lettuce, spring mix or baby spinach and add a side of raw veggies like baby carrots or slices of cucumber. Boom! Protein, healthy fat, and veggies are as easy as chopping leftover chicken from last night or opening a can of tuna! Make sure your canned tuna is compliant. There are brands that have sneaky soy.

  3. Applegate (or other compliant) hot dogs with baked potatoes and a side salad Hot dogs are one of those super quick, crowd pleaser meals that take literally no time or effort. In New England, now that the weather is FINALLY getting nicer, I’m so excited to throw these bad boys on the grill! Chop some veggies, microwave a potato and add some ghee, salt, and pepper – and you are good to go!

  4. Sautéed ground turkey/meat of your choice jazzed up with spices over cauliflower rice OR in a compliant marinara sauce over chopped or spiralized zucchini I love making burrito bowls with ground turkey. I will chop some onion and saute it in some ghee, then add some freshly riced cauliflower or frozen. Put the meat on top and if you can’t get it together to sauté or chop any other veggies, throw some compliant salsa on top with a scoop of guacamole. Done and done!

Listen, your meals don’t have to be fancy, or look like they are out of a magazine or Instagram-worthy. Although, some fancy mustard art on a hot dog or sausage can do wonders for making it look impressive. They just have to fuel you and, if you’re on a round, be compliant. I would encourage you to have what I call “emergency protein” available each week to make a quick, easy, low-stress meal in case you just need to get something on a plate.

You can meal plan all you want but there are always going to be those nights when we’d rather lie on the couch and have our personal chefs cook for us. Oh, wait. We don’t have personal chefs?! Shoot. Then a hot dog will have to do.