Terri – 53 – Wethersfield, CT

Meet Terri! I swear that she told me that she was 53. Really! She put a lot of hard work into her rounds and, with exercise, is feeling amazing. We’re thrilled that she’s shared her story and, as a treat, I’ve saved the ‘wow’ picture for last. Drop her a comment at the bottom and show her some love.

How many times have you done Whole 30? When was your first round? How did you hear about Whole 30 and what made you decide to it?

I have done 4 rounds, the first one being 60 days, starting in January 2017 as part of a weight loss/fat loss challenge at our boot camp gym. We figured if we were going the challenge, we would jump in with both feet.

What scale and non-scale victories have you had as a result of Whole 30?

I lost 15 pounds the first round, which I have maintained with minimal effort since then. My most important NSV is that two herniated discs I have had since my 20’s, one in my lumbar spine and one in my thoracic spine, have not bothered me at all. I get out of bed without any stiffness or pain, and I can sleep on my back for the first time in almost 30 years. My other NSVs include feeling better, sleeping better, and though I did not really have GI issues, my whole body seems to function better, if that makes any sense.

What helped you to succeed the most on Whole 30?

What helped me to succeed was having the original book, and I do believe we were in the right frame of mind to be able to do this the first time around. It also helps that I love to cook and was already in the habit of meal planning. I did not discover the FB community until late last year.

What’s your favorite Whole 30 recipe or go-to meal?

Two of my favorite Whole30 meals are the beef and sweet potato chili and Melissa’s chicken hash.

How has your life changed since Whole 30?

Overall, I do feel that my family and I are eating much better – I thought I was eating healthy before, but I have learned SO much about the preservatives and other additives that are in so many foods that I used to buy/serve. We truly eat so much better and are so much more aware of where our food comes from now, and we eat Whole30 about 90% when NOT on a round.

In addition to Whole 30, did you make any other healthy lifestyle changes (such as incorporating fitness, smoking cessation, etc) at the same time?

We were already working out and did not smoke; this only complemented our boot camp regiment.

What message/inspiration do you have for those just starting the program?

It’s only 30 days; you deserve it and you are worth it, and you have certainly done things much more difficult than this. You have nothing to lose by committing to 30 days.

P.S. As an add-on, we did our most recent round in January 2018 and mentored 13 family and friends! It has been wonderful to help them to succeed and learn!