The Round 2 Blues

I have been doing Whole30 and working on my Food Freedom for nearly two years, and I still remember the struggle of Round 2. The blues hit hard. It took at least three tries, probably more. It felt like, suddenly, I had no willpower against the little things.

After my first round I continued to eat pretty clean except for some sweets here and there. My meals were always to template and I avoided snacking. The sugar dragon was really lingering though, and I still had a ways to go to be the healthiest version of me. So, I tried round 2.1 and failed. Then I tried round 2.2 and failed. Finally, at 2.3, I had success and I believe that was because my wife and I were doing it together so there were fewer temptations around the house.

I remember being so frustrated with myself. I knew I could successfully complete a Whole30 and I knew I felt awesome while doing it, so what was my problem? Where was my Tiger Blood?

I think my problem was that having a goal of finishing Whole30 was no longer enough. I had been there and done that. I needed to set additional goals that would tweak my first Whole30 to make it better and easier. I don’t think I realized this until starting my Whole60 adventure a few months ago. When I embarked on that spontaneous adventure, I scribbled down on paper a few things I wanted to perfect –or at least make better.

After multiple rounds of Whole30, I knew my weaknesses and my triggers. If I had sat down and really taken an honest look at my food intake and portion size of my first round, I would have been able to come up with new goals (in addition to finishing!) which would have gotten me to the Whole30 Round 2 finish line faster.

Create THREE new goals for your Round 2 and add them to the goal of finishing Whole30. This will give you something new to work towards. And remember… This is you taking control of your life and your food. You will feel better, have increased energy, and be one round stronger (and closer to Food Freedom!) at the end of your 30 days.

Here are some tips, tricks, and goal ideas to get you to R2D30 and the Whole30 finish line for the second time around:

Check your portions – Make sure they are the right size. The template is there for a reason. You should be using a dinner size plate filled with between 1/2 – 2/3 veggies, a serving of protein, and a serving of plated fat.

Check your sugar dragon! – Mine is ridiculously strong and having started my first round of Whole30 on a whim, I followed the rules, but didn’t realize I was feeding my sugar dragon the whole time. Never in my life have I eaten dates, and suddenly, they were my best friend. This is a sign that you need to set an additional sugar dragon rule for yourself.

Go beyond the rules of Whole30 – Take some of the extra recommendations on as a goal towards a stronger and better round.

Add in workouts If you are not already on the exercise bandwagon, hop on! It doesn’t have to be big. Just little additions and tweaks to help build a physically stronger you. Remember, talk with your doctor before adding any exercise routines if you have health concerns!

Know your own weaknesses and kick them to the curb – This means you are going to really must be honest with yourself. Your Whole30 is for you, so make it something that will help you be stronger, healthier, and more in touch with your own needs. This will help with Food Freedom down the road.

Practice analyzing what you are eating, why you are eating it, and how it makes you feel – This are the skills you need to practice to be successful on Food Freedom, so why not practice them while on a round? For me, this was and still is apple or banana with almond butter. Yes, it is compliant, but why am I eating it? Because it gives me all the feels, so I need to reign it in.

Simplify meal prep – During the first round, I know I felt like I needed to make all the fancy meals and try everything out. Remember, there is a lifetime to try new recipes. Try and simplify and mainstream your meals as much as possible to make Whole30 not feel like a burden but an opportunity to be a better you. Maybe choose TWO new recipes instead of FOUR. Eat more simple salads instead of having to chop off the veggies and roast them.

Double the recipes you already love – This will keep you in the kitchen less and will help create a more maintainable clean eating lifestyle.

Happy Whole30ing and remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!