The Story Behind Tiny Little Chef

Hey there, my Whole 30 friends! Many of you have tried and loved my Handcrafted Seasoning Blends, and now I want to give you a little scoop on my culinary background, how the seasonings came to be, and how I went from a smoker to a nutritionist!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Christy and I have been a professional chef for close to 19 years. I’ve worked at many restaurants and hotels, doing pretty much every job there is in the Food and Beverage Industry.

I got the name Tiny Little Chef, when I was trying to come up with a new email address in culinary school. My Dad said, “Well, you are tiny, you are little, and you are going to be a Chef.” So, right then and there, Tiny Little Chef was born.

In culinary school, I was known as “the master of seasoning.” I know how to make pretty much anything taste delicious! I love trying out new flavors and in my head, I can nail a flavor profile in about 5 seconds.

In 2004, I decided to step away from the restaurant industry, and start my own meal delivery service. I had some amazing clients, and I quickly started getting requests to do large, private catering jobs. I did everything from baby and bridal showers to large fundraisers to huge corporate events. I loved it, but it was a lot of work.

I married my husband, TJ, in July 2012, and in February (Valentine’s Day!) of 2013 we found out I was pregnant. I continued to cater, but being pregnant took a toll on my small frame, and I began having contractions almost 3 months before my due date. The contractions had to be stopped. We already knew I had to have a C-Section due to a very contracted pelvis so my doctor ordered me to stop catering. With mixed emotions, I took a step back.

I kept cooking and making new recipes in my own home, but I felt like I needed to do more. I worked on recipes, and published some e-cookbooks before and after my son was born.

After my son was born and I was recovering my from C-Section, I also had a pretty bad case of postpartum depression. When I finally went to the doctor to discuss what was going on, the nurse said to me, “I was wondering when I was going to see you for this.”

I have had a history of depression for many, many years – sometimes mild, and sometimes, pretty severe. The ways that I had dealt with my depression in the past were not healthy, so this time I decided I need to change myself from the inside out!

For many years off and on, I was a half a pack a day smoker. I thought it helped me with depression, but in all honesty, it made it far worse. I surrounded myself with many negative people, and I myself became a negative “Debbie Downer.” I became a victim of my own thoughts and environment.

Something FINALLY clicked in my head after my son was born. I was done. I was done treating myself like crap, and as much as I had helped other people, I needed to help myself. I went on anti-depression meds, and started to really deconstruct myself. It was hard, and the tears flowed, but it was beyond necessary.

Many people knew of my food and exercise knowledge, and therefore I was constantly asked about nutrition. I researched many programs, and I decided to become certified as a Weight Management Specialist via the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers.

In 2015, I created a recipe membership site, and started uploading hundreds of my recipes for my clients, including those for my House, Blackened, and Italian Seasoning Blends. They were a hit, but I kept getting asked if I could bottle them up.

Using my restaurant and catering connections I sourced the best possible herbs and spices, created some labels, and found some great packaging. I mixed them up, bottled, labeled and sealed them, and posted about them on my social media platforms. Within a month I had sold 1,000 bottles and it was right then and there that I knew my life was about to change and that my career was about to take a hugely different path.

I am happy to say that the negativity, in all forms, is gone, and that I have not had in cigarette in a very, very long time!

Here’s the thing about healthy eating…if it tastes good, you’ll eat it, right? And there is absolutely NO need for the junk that is found in many other seasoning blends. I refuse to use any sugar or dairy, there are no preservatives or additives, and unlike other companies,

I won’t even use “flow agents”, meaning that in some of my seasonings that have peppers (they have a naturally higher moisture content) you “may” see clumping, and that’s good thing! Just break it apart with your fingers or a fork!

I have 15 blends, but being a one-woman show, I do not have all flavors in stock all the time, so I always encourage you to keep an eye out in the Whole 30 Facebook group for updates on which ones are available.

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I also wanted to share some of my favorite ways to use the blends in Whole 30 cooking. Check out my Top 7 Favorite Whole 30 recipes here.

Have you tried any of my seasonings? Which one is your favorite? Happy cooking!