Time for a Shift: Turning to The Energy Channel

By Judith

For as long as I can remember, I’ve belonged to a gym. I began regularly exercising in 1995, and since then, my identity as a “healthy, fit” person has been, in many ways, tied to having a gym membership.

So, when I started thinking about making a change, it wasn’t easy.

For a few weeks, I sat on the idea of leaving the gym before I finally pulled the trigger. As I wrote the email to cancel my membership, I reminded myself that I wasn’t giving up fitness or my healthy lifestyle.

I was just making a shift – to The Energy Channel.

For nearly five years, in addition to my gym membership, I’ve been a client of The Energy Barre, a barre studio located about 10 minutes from my house, in the north suburbs of Boston.

Little did I know that when I took a free trial class in March 2015, my life would change forever. I found strength I didn’t know I had, a space where I felt welcomed and accepted, and a community of powerful yet compassionate women.

I was intrigued when I heard about the launch of The Energy Channel, The Energy Barre’s online platform that brings barre, matte, cardio, yoga, and HITT classes to clients whenever and wherever. I didn’t act, though, mainly because of that expensive gym membership. I also told myself it would too hard to deal with equipment for at-home workouts.

But as my stress levels skyrocketed in the fall, I knew something had to give. On days I went to my downtown gym at lunch, I was finding myself spending most evenings doing work that I didn’t finish in the office. I wasn’t leaving myself any down time.

I also realized that the gym was no longer bringing me joy. My favorite group fitness instructor had left, and I was tired of forcing myself onto the treadmill to run. And I was truly tired of paying so much for something I didn’t love so much anymore.

In November, I decided to give The Energy Channel a whirl. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

I am an early riser. When I step onto my mat and turn on my laptop in the darkness before my day begins, I am always greeted by a friendly EB instructor. The workouts are fun and motivating, and I love how I can mix and match shorter cardio and toning classes based on my schedule and how I’m feeling.

I get the same great workouts I get at the studio – and I save time by skipping the drive. I also love how I can do these whenever I want. Sometimes I have a window to work out on the weekend and there’s not a studio class to match.

And it wasn’t a big deal to get the equipment! I got a purple ball, gray band, and silver balls from The Energy Barre and II bought 2-and 3-pound weights on Amazon. I don’t have a block (yet!) but I make do with the purple ball.

Of course, I will continue to attend classes at The Energy Barre whenever I can. There’s no substitute for the warmth of the community.

I see The Energy Channel as a supplement to – and not a replacement for – my time in the studio. It’s allowed me to enter 2020 calmer, more centered, and once again, feeling joy from my movement.

Want to give The Energy Channel a whirl? You don’t need to be a local because it’s entirely online! Through January 31, you can grab 20% off a three-class bundle (7-day access; three classes including one of each – signature class, cardio class, and specialty class). To get the savings:

  1. Log into your account / Create an Account if you don’t have one yet
  3. In the promotional code section type JUJUSWHOLE30

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