Tips For Your Round

Starting a round can be overwhelming. The planning, the prepping, the label reading–we get it. We’ve been there! Here are some of the tips to help you on your round.

  1. Read the book! Or books! Be familiar with the rules.
  2. Keep it simple and eat leftovers.
  3. Double up recipes and freeze them.
  4. ALWAYS have an emergency meal in your freezer for days that you just can’t deal. I always have hamburger patties in my freezer so I can grab one, fry up some veggies, add a plated fat, and be done!
  5. I prep for the start of the week on Sundays and make a couple of pans of roasted veggies, some sort of protein (a roasted chicken, carnitas, a roast), a sauce or dressing (though I use a lot of Whole30 approved sauces/dressings these days), and a breakfast bake.
  6. Later on in the week, I’ll usually roast some more veggies (you’ll go through veggies so quickly!) and make another easy dish like sloppy joes that I can just heat up.
  7. Consider getting a 30day trial with ThriveMarket to stock up on the essentials. Judith and I both have memberships and love them. You can join or just stock up once with no commitment. Click here to shop. Also, they do offer free memberships to teachers, those in the military, veterans, and those who qualify as low-income families.
  8. If you’re doing this with a friend, consider having a cooking date… I’ve done this several times with friends and it’s always been fun and takes the chore out of cooking.
  9. It might take a couple of days to tweak your meals to get the right amount of food on your plate. You’ll end up eating more than you think you should–don’t fall into the diet mentality! Look at how many veggies are on there.
  10. Eggs–I eat 3 in the morning. Don’t starve yourself–see point #9. Diet mentality GONE!
  11. Do a sanity check halfway through your round. Are you loading up on too much fruit to feed your sugar dragon? Are you eating nuts by the handfuls? Tweak your round if you need to early on. You can get the meal template here.
  12. When you get back from the grocery store, chop up or slice some of your veggies so you can grab and go.
  13. Try one new recipe a week so you don’t plunge into food boredom. Try some new spices, seasonings, or sauces to keep things interesting.
  14. Think ahead if you have any social situations that you’ll have to navigate on your round. Party? Dinner with friends? Planning ahead will make it stress free.
  15. Carve some space for your Whole30 supplies. It’ll make it easy to grab what you need when cooking.

What are some of your most helpful tips?

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