Top 3 Kitchen Accessories, Gadgets, and Whole30 Recipes

I get asked a lot about what I have in my kitchen, what I eat, and what I cook. Over the course of several rounds, I’ll tried to make things simpler and more efficient. We spend enough time in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes. Did you just groan when I mentioned dishes? I did and I’m writing it! This is my list of top 3 things I’d bring with me if I were stranded on a desert island with a working kitchen. It could happen!

Kitchen Accessories

  • Parchment paper – After roasting 5 million veggies, I’ve discovered that parchment paper is a must. I do enough dishes and don’t want to scrub any baked on food of a sheet pan again. Using parchment paper means I can toss the veggies on it, cook it, take them off, throw out the paper, and still have a clean pan. Grab a roll when you’re in the grocery store next or order some precut sheets here (I just ordered some!)

  • Silicone Brush – I make enough recipes that call for brushing this or that on something that I invested in a silicone brush. Easy to wash after, faster, makes me feel a bit like a fancy chef, and less mess. I got mine at Home Goods but you can get one here.

  • Gloves – When I first had my daughter, I noticed that after washing my hands the same number of times that I roasted veggies (yes, that’s 5 million!), that I’ve had eczema on my hands from time to time. I don’t want it to flare up by washing them over and over again while prepping a meal so I always invest in some food safe plastic gloves. No more getting hamburger until my nails while I make meatballs or getting my hands full of raw pork while I coat it in seasoning to make pulled pork. You can get them in the cleaning aisle of your grocery store or stock up on them here.

Kitchen Gadgets

  • Mandoline Slicer – This is my favourite kitchen gadget, even more than my Instant Pot. I use it all the time and since it comes with a storage container, it’s easy to grate and store. When I go buy veggies, I’ll run a lot (zucchini, squash, onions, peppers) right away through the mandoline so I have a bunch of precut stuff that I can grab and cook with. My family goes crazy over the roasted potatoes slices I make with it—looks yummy, doesn’t it? And, no, you won’t cut slice a finger off if you pay attention to what you’re doing. (Note: A lot of people have written me about the French Fry Basket pictured–I got it at Stokes in Canada. The closest thing I could find on Amazon was this)

  • Citrus Squeezer — I love making pesto and creamy avocado cilantro lime dressing to use for my plated fats and love lemon chicken…ok, all things lemony. I was at my friend Jess’ house prepping for the week and making lemon chicken and herb and dill potatoes and I looked like I was in an infomercial when I was trying to get the juice out of the lemons that I needed. OK, not quite that dramatic but it is A LOT easier getting the lemon juice out using a citrus squeezer.

  • Instant Pot – I had been deciding forever if I wanted to purchase an air fryer or a pressure cooker. I’m glad I went with the pressure cooking. It love toss stuff in and leave it recipes so I’m constantly looking for more recipes. Usually Amazon has good prices on everything but I found it cheaper on sale at Target. People have also shopped for them at Kohl’s and found sales/discounts there.


  • Low Carb Yum’s Oven Baked Green Beans – This recipe is so versatile. For the coating, sub parmesan cheese with nutritional yeast and use it on zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower. I just tried it on cauliflower for the first time last night and like it even more than green beans!

  • Nom Nom Paleo’s Cracklin’ Chicken – I love, love, love this recipe. I never ate and didn’t like chicken thighs before this recipe but it’s delish, you can season it a million different ways, and it heats up well the next day. Word to the wise, it does involve cutting the bone out of the chicken thigh, which turns out takes no time at all once you’ve done it a few times. I went from looking like the chicken was in a really bad knife fight to the chicken looking like it was groomed at the spa. (note…this is one of the recipes that I use gloves with!)

  • Carla’s Pulled Pork – This is another favourite at my house. The pork is so tender that I can look at it and it’ll fall apart. I make enough for leftovers and very happily eat them. Doesn’t that salad that I make with leftovers look divine?

So, there you have it. All my faves that make my kitchen a happier place. I’d love to hear what your favourites are in your kitchen—leave a comment!