Top 5 Tips for Whole30 Success

The Dallas Duo believes these 5 tips are critical to the success of your next Whole30. We’re bringing you top recommendations for not-failing, and absolutely succeeding with all the Tiger Blood possible over the next 30 days. Let’s get to it!

Don’t just try to wing it. Although every meal doesn’t need to be planned out with rigid guidelines, there always needs to be buildable options around. If we know there’s a chance we won’t have dinner prepped or we have the potential to go extra-long between meals, we strategically plan ahead.

Because — Bars aren’t meant to fill your poor planning gaps. They’re meant for emergencies. The focus of Whole30 is on WHOLE food. The condensed concentrated versions of whole food; LARA, RX, and other bars really don’t benefit you unless it’s an emergency. (Emergencies might include: long plane layovers with no access to fresh food, being stuck in a snowstorm, stranded on a long hike where you forgot to pack other food, stuck in extreme rush hour traffic.)

Avoid telling the whole word about your Whole30. Your friends, specifically the ones who will support your endeavors should know every detail. However, there’s bound to be some shade throwers. For that reason, we recommend keeping your tribe focused on quality not quantity.

Be realistic about the next 45 days. (Yes, don’t forget reintroduction!). Modify your social calendar as needed. Going to a concert? You better believe there’s a LaCroix, snacks, and a sassy sober attitude in tow. Prepare your talk tracks for social outings with friends. No one wants to hang around the chronic dieter with a poor attitude or, worse the party pooper. This is your time to shine and be a Whole30 billboard. You’re eating well, feeling well, and can still rock your social life; well, aren’t you amazing?!

Accept the ugly and simple meals. There’s a whole lot of Whole30 meal FOMO on Instagram. It’s there to entice you, not enrage you! 20 ingredient recipes that will require 3 different grocery trips? NO! During our first Whole30, we ate meals like a spinach, sweet potato, egg, and cashew butter scramble almost every day. Sometimes, we would exchange the nut butter for avocado. It looked like poop and sometimes, we served it in a paper cup so we could tote it to work! We loved that ugly meal, even if Instagram didn’t.

Do life. If you were to take an hour for each meal, eat 3-4 times per day, and meal prep for 2 hours each week, Whole30 would still only affect 17 percent of your day. All of your time and effort shouldn’t be spent on food shopping, food prep, and the consumption of food. Fill the rest of your time with things you enjoy doing! Find activities that aren’t centered around food. Read, paint, work, get a manicure, shop, walk, knit, schedule a coffee date, see a movie, travel, cuddle a baby or a puppy, volunteer; just stay busy!

About the Dallas Duo

Andrea and Whitney created the Whole30 Dallas Duo after realizing how much more attainable healthy living was when surrounded by a similar-minded supportive community. After multiple Whole30 rounds, they share in their own Food Freedom together! When they’re not hosting meet & greets, lectures, and leading a coaching group you’ll find them both giggling over almond milk americanos during the day (they’re both former baristas!) a topo-tequila on holiday, and running intervals on the woodway treadmill.

Andrea is the creator and editor of the lifestyle blog, Loubies and Lulu. She credits Whole30 with transforming her relationship with food and helping her find true Food Freedom. Through her blog, she shares Whole30 tips/strategies/experiences, along with fitness and style inspiration.

Whitney is a holistic nutritionist; she’s a real food master and loves whole vegetables along with pronounceable and minimally modified ingredients that fill the stomach and satiate the soul! Her practice is currently accepting local and distance patients.