Two Friends, Sixty Days (Part II)


This weekend was so busy and on the go. It consisted of throwing meals together on the fly and eating in the car. Tons of lettuce with compliant prosciutto and tomatoes topped with dump ranch in a to go container and shoveled in while on the way to a local downtown event.

Day 3 was a bit of a challenge. I woke up with a crazy sinus headache that lingered all day. Who knew I was allergic to pollen? We had T-ball, an event downtown, my in-laws came over for a bit and no naps for my 3-year olds. I threw a pork shoulder in the crockpot and knew that I could at least throw some on salad. I also successfully burned ghee. I think I have only made it twice without burning it. I’m always one to try and save money and not outsource things, but I seriously think it’s time for some Gather Superfoods ghee.

Day 4: Today I will prep almond butter which should take about 10 minutes. Like I said, keeping in simple. No crazy weekend prep if I can avoid it. I am struggling in the afternoons. I get snacky and wonder if it’s that I have over-adjusted my portions (I never adjusted my portions when I stopped nursing back in October), or if its that I am thirsty or just tired and snacky. Now that I have the basic Whole30 down, I am trying to fine tune things: fewer sweet potatoes, less fruit, less nut butter. These are foods that I relied on heavily in past rounds and now believe that they were feeding my sugar dragon. I am not eliminating them completely, just being mindful of the amount I consume.

Day 5: Today I finally started seeing light at the end of the tunnel. My mind was clear and rested when I woke up. I was productive, did a 45-minute workout and felt more even keeled throughout the day. My afternoon food struggles were more manageable, and the only difference was that I ate lunch later than usual (around 1:30 pm). Today was my once a week try a new recipe and it was AWESOME!!! Saucy Kitchen’s Coconut lime chicken was amazing over cauliflower rice. I tweaked the recipe a bit and left out the red pepper, added extra chicken broth and an extra 2 ounces of coconut milk. I also used chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts. I can’t wait to add this into the weekly mix of meals.

Day 6-7: What a difference a week makes. Seriously though. As I was walking out of my grad class tonight I was reflecting on class last week. I was so tired but having insane sugar cravings. Last Thursday, I ate a piece of store bought banana bread that was in the house and honestly gross which led me down a gluten sugar rabbit hole. To be exact: two pieces of banana bread, one stale lemon poppy muffin, a brownie during class (to help me stay awake instead of the coffee they were selling at the exact same place < cue the poor choices parade> and after class when I stopped to get gas, I got a favorite, Hostess Cupcakes. It was ridiculous. I felt so gross, incredibly sluggish and Friday I woke up with the worst carb/sugar headache. That morning was when I randomly, without thinking about it too much, started my whole 60. Fast forward seven days, tons of delicious food, two family approved recipes, doing some form of exercise 3-4 times and I am back to my calmer, morning energy, productive self. I even fit in some self-care and took a yoga class with my favorite instructor. 100 percent ME time for 60 minutes. It was so good to get back on my mat. I’m honestly excited to see what the remaining 53 days brings.

Day 8: This morning I am starting to plan for a busy, and what could be challenging weekend. A birthday party, a wedding and Mother’s Day. I love Mother’s Day. Not that things are really very different since our kids are still little. They don’t sleep in, they are too little to let us sleep or relax with coffee. If I get breakfast in bed it will probably involve a gallon of spilled milk on the kitchen floor, iced black coffee in a stemmed nice wine glass my kids shouldn’t be touching and 8 cups of lettuce with a carrot wrapped up in a paper towel. At least the faces serving them to me would be beaming :). We are going to a super early dinner at a place that has a place for the kids to play in the sand and kick balls while my DW and I enjoy dinner with my in-laws. I know I can do the dinner part, but no cocktail is going to be tricky. I’m going to bring kombucha with me and order soda water in a fancy glass. That should do the trick. I’m not quite sure what I will do for the wedding but I’m thinking of eating a large mini meal on the way and bringing some backup food with me. I think I basically need to not eat anything on the plate because I can’t really check what is in it.

Days 9-10: Such a busy and fantastic weekend. I am so glad I had a week under my belt before this weekend’s festivities. The birthday party was a breeze, but I forgot to grab my plated fat on the way out the door. Our own Judith Forman rescued me with cashews she had on hand. I ate a late lunch so was not starving by the time we left for the wedding. I brought a Trader Joe’s chili-lime chicken burger, a handful of almonds and a hard-boiled egg. I drank seltzer with a slice of orange all night and had tons of fun dancing with my kids. Didn’t miss the alcohol at all, enjoyed some fresh berries and a cup of coffee during dessert and I felt like a million bucks the next morning for Mother’s Day. Because it was a late night I actually had an hour to myself to enjoy coffee and do nothing. It was the most perfect part about Mother’s Day. The events of the weekend came and went. I feel like I am in a really strong place and in total control of my Whole 60 right now. It’s such an empowering feeling. I feel stronger, clear headed and calmer.


I’m really glad I didn’t look at the calendar when I impulsively agreed to do a Whole 60. I will have to navigate Mother’s Day, my son’s 3rd birthday party, Father’s Day, and a bridal shower. Not to mention, this is the beginning of ice cream season. Oooooof.

Day 3, Monday: I started the week super motivated. We had to be out the door early for a meeting at my son’s future school (yay, preschool!) so I was up throwing leftover zucchini, peppers and mushrooms, oven fries and scrambled eggs on a plate with some special mayo/Frank’s sauce for a quick breakfast before we got out the door. I knew that I needed to start the day with a solid compliant meal to be successful for the rest of the day. Boom. Nailed it.

Days 4-7, Tuesday-Friday: I am struggling with the scale and I don’t even know why. Rationally I know, I KNOW, that it is JUST A NUMBER. It’s literally just information and doesn’t define my worth, or me but the pull to dig it out and step on it and KNOW what the number reads is so strong. I have been thinking about this a lot. I also have wanted to eat after dinner and am working on telling myself “the kitchen is closed, CARLA!”

Day 8, Saturday: I am killin’ it with the food piece of this round. One of my proudest Non Scale Victories is that I am really working on staying low key when it comes to food. I am using the program knowledge I have to keep it simple and stay focused on making what I know. I love having leftovers for breakfast and have enough sweet potato, onion, sausage and kale hash to eat along with scrambled eggs and a slice of tomato to have a super simple breakfast. I throw a scoop of guac on the side and a sprinkle of Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning on the tomato and I’m good to go. My boys will both eat scrambled eggs too, so it’s a win-win-win breakfast option. You know what else happens Saturday? I dusted off my hand weights and did a workout video. It was not a pretty sight. I am out of shape, but my 2-year-old jumped around with me and it was probably the sweetest thing ever. He’s definitely my little coach and biggest fan, so I’ll call it a success. I have been so much more aware of moving my body. Even if it’s 15 pushups on the counter in the bathroom before bed, I’m doing something.

Day 9, Sunday, Mother’s Day: I slept in until 8:00 am, you guys. It was lovely. I had a delightful cup of coffee when I woke up. I made my own breakfast, which was a gift because it was exactly how I wanted it. We celebrated with my dad and stepmom, sister, brother and his fiancé. They were planning on brunch at home and in my food freedom, it would have been a perfect meal. My dad made a frittata that looked delicious, but alas, had cheese and peas in it. There was fruit salad and I helped myself to a small serving, but mostly focused on conversation and feeding the baby a snack. It was perfectly fine. My mom was in France with a friend and we’ll celebrate when she gets home. I’ll make her a whole 30 breakfast. *wink* I had leftovers for lunch and we ordered steaks from Longhorn for dinner because mama didn’t want to cook. I ordered a dry filet, sweet potato (topped that bad boy with brown butter ghee from Gather Superfoods) and garden salad with no croutons or cheese and topped it with dump ranch. It was perfection.

Day 10, Monday: I ran out of fresh greens Sunday, but dug around in the veggie drawer and knew I had some Brussels sprouts, compliant bacon and basically knew a hash would be breakfast. Before I got going on that, I set my Instant Pot to pressure-cook some eggs so they would be done at roughly the same time, because I’m brilliant. Well, actually it’s because I was really hungry for some reason this morning. Put 3 perfect strawberries on the side and of course, my go to scoop of guac on the side and breakfast was done. I’m noticing more and more that the anxiety about figuring out what I’m going to eat is easing up. I have options and I’ve practiced making things from scratch so many times at this point it’s becoming second nature. I tackled taking the boys to get my car inspected AND shopping at Costco and I didn’t even break a sweat. I always have to give myself a pep talk to get out of the house. If you have young, ahem, energetic, ahem, children you know what I mean…shopping at Costco makes one VERY hungry, so after I get the boys set up with lunch, I whipped up some sweet turkey, tomato and pickle lettuce wraps with the fresh mayo that I just made because I am finally able to do it without the panic of the recipe. P.s. If you can get Plainville turkey at your Costco, do it. That stuff is delicious and totes compliant.

One of my biggest challenges continues to be the scale. What the heck, 36 years of cultural programming!? I will continue to remind myself it’s not who I am and it doesn’t matter. I struggle to find specific dedicated time for exercise. I guess my ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ mentality will have to do for now and I’ll get it where I can. My sugar dragon is still a bit ‘firey’. (We decided that was a word, right?) I am fighting HARD to put her to sleep. Ssshhhhhhhhhh!

My Non Scale Victories are sneaking up on me. I am working on being less focused on the scale so they don’t fade into the background. I am rocking my goal of keeping it simple. Throwing together cold lunches, or rolling with the punches when the plan doesn’t work out is easier than it’s ever been. I’m so proud of that. Every day that it has been nice out, I have taken the boys outside we have gone on 2 walks as a family after dinner. The dance parties are back on in the living room. We particularly like Whitney Houston and the Trolls Soundtrack. I have not snacked, but I know what works for me if I need it. I also now have almost no pants without an elastic waistband that fit appropriately. It’s time to clean out the closet and make some donations. Last, but not least, I have used strategies to avoid the kitchen after dinner is over. Even if it’s been hard, I’ve still won the battle. Small victories. I’ll take them.