Two Friends, Sixty Days (Part III)


When we left off last time I had just NAILED a week involving staying compliant through Mother’s Day and the week before I was able to plan and stay compliant through a date night out involving dinner and a movie. I was struggling here and there, but basically feeling confident and in control. I’ve done this process successfully, and without a hitch 2 times before and was starting to really feel like I’d hit my groove.

I was starting to feel the skin on the back of my arms smooth out from the bumpy bumps that happen when I get crazy with the gluten and sugar. I was finding the time and energy to make sure I was moving my body every day. On Wednesday, Day 12, I hosted a friend and her daughter for a play date and made us a delicious compliant lunch. My husband and I found common ground for dinner options, since he is not doing Whole 30.

Then, Monday happened. Day 17. My mom came up to watch the baby so I could take my (soon to be) 3 year old to an appointment. On our way home, I asked her if she’d mind if I ran into Market Basket quickly to pick up a few things. She insisted I get some shopping done, which was a treat to only have to bring one of the boys with me. Things that get me jazzed have really changed, friends.

I was pumped to only have to bring the toddler, so in we went. I had my list. I knew what to get. We whizzed around picking up the things to make dinner for the next few nights. It was SLAMMED, you guys. WHHHYYYYY?! On a Monday at 11:30 am it was like a Saturday afternoon. YIKES. I grabbed a jar of salsa for burrito bowls. I grabbed a bag of cauliflower rice from the freezer section. “Whoa! Market Basket carries a store brand cauli rice now?! Hmmm….I should check the ingredients reeeeaaaaally quickly….okay! Perfect. Good to go,” I thought out loud to myself. We got home, my mom went home, husband came home, I finished up dinner, plated it, ate it and it was a delight. I was pleased with how productive I was.

Tuesday morning I woke up and had just a bad feeling. I hadn’t checked the salsa label in the grocery store. I always check the label. GAH. I literally got out of bed and scooted down stairs and threw open the fridge, pulled out the jar and YUP. NOPE. CRAP. Not compliant. What a rookie mistake. I went through all the emotions right then and there standing in the light of the fridge. I was mad at myself, then annoyed, then embarrassed (HOW did I let this happen?!), then really disappointed.

It would have been day 18 today, but now it’s day ONE. Maybe I should just get a latte and start over tomorrow? Maybe we should go out to breakfast? Maybe I’ll make the boys pancakes and join them in a big heaping stack with butter and pure maple syrup goodness…or maybe I’ll just keep on keepin’ on. I took a deep breath, messaged my co-bloggers for accountability and made a big huge delicious compliant breakfast.

I did throw myself a nice little pity party for a bit. I’m not going to lie to you all. I was so disappointed in myself. I wallowed in my frustration and disappointment while drinking a delicious iced coffee with coconut milk and Nutpods. I know many of you are probably thinking I’m being dramatic, but this is the thing, there are rules and I know the rules. I know that I should have checked and then double checked my labels. I also wrote a post about personal accountability and honesty, so for me to pretend like I didn’t make a mistake wasn’t going to sit well with me, but I did have a choice to make. I could throw my hands up and say, “OH WELL! Bring on the donuts!” or I could just keep moving forward. And that is exactly what I did. So far, this has been my biggest Non Scale Victory to date, but it took me a while to see it.

While officially I needed to restart, the weeks of work I’d done wasn’t for nothing. It didn’t get erased. I am still in a far better place than I was 18 days ago, so choosing to move forward rather than unravel is a victory and this thinking is what will help me be successful in my Food Freedom in my life after Whole 30. That, after all, is my ultimate goal.

So, friends, here is my plan. I will keep going for the full 60 days I had planned before I decide how I want to do reintroduction. I will end up doing an official Whole 42 or something like that, and an unofficial Whole 60.

Consider this a cautionary tale in CHECKING YOUR LABELS. Even if you think you already know something is compliant, CHECK YOUR LABELS, because maybe you are purchasing salsa that has modified cornstarch in it (whhhhyyyyyyy?!) and you’ll have to start over on day 17. Wouldn’t that be so sad?!


Holy big Emotions Batman!

This week brought with it some new Whole 60 challenges. When I have done rounds before, I only had to suffer through one week of crazy hormonal emotions and it usually was at a time that I was going through the detox portion, so I could justify the feelings that way. This past week however, O.M.G. my kids were being extra challenging, and my hormones were crazy. I wanted to eat all the things and honestly just wasn’t feeling my typically awesome Whole 30 self. Typically, I would dive face first into ice cream or cake, but this wasn’t an option.

Well, I guess it was, but I didn’t want to have to explain here, so I dealt with it and showed restraint. This is a NSV for me. I am great at justifying the occasional sweets binge. But then it turns into feeling junky and increases from occasional to more often. As an extra challenge this weekend and to test my strength I went to two kids’ birthday parties with cake and pizza. Full control, and this felt awesome.

I have hit my tiger blood and most days feel awesome from the time my feet hit the floor in the morning bedtime. I feel like I am on a roll with the food and because I am keeping things super simple this round, along with trying a couple new recipes, I don’t feel like I spend as much time in the kitchen.

I am struggling with the scale. This part gets me every time. Decades of scale-slave training and dieting has really engrained the “need” to weigh myself. This week I physically removed our scale from the bathroom linen closet to my son’s closet. It is upside down, covered in clothes and I removed the batteries. I didn’t even weigh myself at the beginning of this round but had a pretty good idea of where I was at.

This week I made a few of my kids’ whole 30 favorite recipes. I love working in whole 30 style meals and healthy snacks where I can. Two favorite that always get gobbled up that I made this week were Defined Dish’s Easy ground beef stir fry by defined dish and Paleo Running Momma’s Swedish meatballs. I was crunched for time while making them, so I didn’t make the sauce, just the meatballs and baked them instead of cooking them in a pan. They are so delicious and moist and can be eaten plain so no need for any sauce. On a most happy food note, 12 cans of coconut milk arrived via Amazon at a much better price than the store . You can get them at

Exercise has been frustrating this week, after an awesome yoga class last week my Achilles tendinitis was raging. It has been doing this for quite some time but that hit the nail on the head. Time to lay low on the workouts. The weather is finally nice for running outside and yoga is my happy-place, so this is so frustrating. I am finding the spin bike to do the cardio trick a little bit and it doesn’t seem to aggravate my foot pain. Anyone else ever deal with this? The frustration and pain is real. It has taken years for me to get to a place where I enjoy working out and now that I am there I truly dislike feeling like that is taken away from me.