Two Friends, Sixty Days – Part V

Andrea (Day 45/60)

So, Day 45 is here, and I am so glad I signed up for the longer round. I really want to be done, but I need more time. This was a challenging week with my kids since we haven’t found our summer groove yet and I haven’t really had the time to meal prep. I am wrapping up my grad school courses and prepping for others. It was a week like this past one where I realized how far I have come in the last 1 ½ years. No emotional eating, very mindful of food, feelings and focus and that feels really good. I am starting to look towards re-introduction as it will be here in 15 days. I want to do re-intro properly as I have never fully completed the reintroduction process. I never went crazy after a round but didn’t isolate items as well as I wish I had. I am curious about how my body will react to legumes and gluten free things such as gluten free pasta. I don’t really miss pasta, but it would be nice to know that sometimes I don’t have to run to the store and I can just feed my whole family a pasta side dish on occasion.

The things that I am still missing are things that I know are a major trigger for me. Mainly sweets, gluten and dairy. I do feel like in the last week I have made major headway in the FFF thought process though. This week I made homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. My 5-year-old was making special dinner for her Nana as a Mother’s Day gift and that was the dessert she chose. I did it without taking one lick or taste. I went through the FFF thought process and asked myself if this was something that would be worth it if I wasn’t on a round. My answer was actually no. It wasn’t my favorite flavor of ice cream and although ice cream and I have an intense L.O.V.E. relationship, with an ice cream cookie sandwich, you can’t really taste the ice cream as much. Any other day, not on a round or practicing FFF, I would have had a couple (Ice cream sandwiches… not licks). I have liked practicing this. My daughter chose spaghetti and meatballs with salad and garlic bread for dinner. The meatballs and sauce we made were compliant, as was of course the salad (I used dump ranch), and the garlic bread clearly wasn’t, but if the bowl didn’t sit in-front of me I was fine. I made butternut squash noodles for myself and regular noodles for everyone else. It was delicious, and I felt great.

One of the things I have been noticing with Summer finally arriving here in New England was the boldness of individual flavors. Some of my faves from this week were: a tomato compote for swordfish which had EVOO, roasted multi-colored baby tomatoes (I roasted them in EVOO, Salt, pepper and oregano), garlic, red onion and capers. This was a serious flavor explosion in my mouth and I will be making that again. I’m looking forward to a new week focusing on drinking enough water, watching out for my super sneaky fruit dragon and continuing to be mindful of portions.

Carla –Food Freedom

Well, my friends. I am intensely practicing Food Freedom. I am doing a very slow reintroduction. After embracing my choice to end my 60-day round on day 31, I did immediately return to compliant Whole30 eating. It was not an option. It was necessary. I did not properly reintroduce gluten, dairy and sugar in isolation, so it was important that I do almost a mini reset. For 5 full days I only ate Whole30 approved foods. And then I interestingly enough decided I didn’t want to introduce the gluten, sugar or dairy and decided to start with non-gluten grains because it’s summer and there’s really nothing better than fresh corn on the cob and that’s what I wanted. So, I introduced corn. I am basically going to introduce individual foods slowly, intentionally that I might like to include in my life after Whole30. I truly want to know if foods are worth it to me.

I constantly start my meals with a Whole30 mindset now. I don’t feel like my round is over and it’s a free for all, and that is HUGE for me. As someone who has been up and down my whole life, in a constant battle with the scale, I am finally enjoying food as fuel and a part of what makes me feel good. I am well aware that my sugar dragon is napping- not in a deep slumber. I have to be SO careful to tiptoe around her right now. On Father’s Day, we had strawberry shortcake and I am going to be honest, I enjoyed every last bite of it, but the next day, I was very aware that I needed to stay on course. I had a delicious compliant breakfast and all was right with the world. It didn’t hurt that it included bacon. Bacon makes everything better.