Two Friends, Sixty Days

Andrea – The honest round

I have wanted to do a whole 60 for about 6 months. My sugar dragon kept talking me out of it. It’s strange how she gets so chatty when it’s time to reign her in. So, after a day nothing like she was pre-whole 30 but not reigned in enough for my comfort, I decided to do a Whole60. I was chatting with the EveryDayWhole team about it and was looking at my calendar for a start date. I am going to a wedding in a week, followed by Mother’s Day. My sugar dragon was tapping me on the shoulder saying that starting before that would be silly, how can I possibly have fun at a wedding and have a perfect Mothers’ Day while being compliant. My rational side told me how dumb that was and BOOM, I took control of the reigns and started my Whole 60 that very same morning.

I remember some of the anxiety that used to build up to starting a round, but now, since the meals I eat are still compliant and it was more portion size, sugar dragon squashing, and snacking that I wanted to control, I was able to start right away. I needed this, otherwise my sugar dragon would have had a couple day to talk me out of it. She is a sneaky little beast.

Carla, my co-blogger, admin, and friend is taking this crazy ride with me. So here we go: 2 friends, 5 kids and a whole lot of Whole 60…

Intentions for this round:

  1. Work on portion control, especially when it comes to plated fats.

  2. Work on the sugar dragon. If she is roaring, then no fruit. Being mindful of the feeling of the sugar dragon and mindful of the fruit that goes in my mouth.

  3. Use mini meals when needed.

  4. Complete 60 days AND a re-intro (this has been a struggle)

Day 2: My sugar dragon was roaring this morning. All I wanted was fruit but one of my intentions this round is to really squash that sugar dragon. After multiple rounds my eating is generally much more mindful. Today I knew I was going to be going to a birthday party around lunch-time so I had a mini meal (HB egg, raw green beans and avocado) on the way. I felt great throughout the party, but I never really ate a true lunch afterwards and found myself to be hungry throughout the rest of the day. I ate a Whole 30 template dinner but found that I was hungry again around 9pm so had another mini meal. I’m looking forward to my sugar dragon calming down, so I don’t feel like I’m fighting the craving throughout the second half of the day.

Day 3: I woke up with a headache this morning and I don’t know if it was from poor sleep (our fire alarm went off in the middle of the night), a cold, or a little bit of detox.

Carla – The ‘You Need This’ Round.

Before my first round, I meticulously planned and prepped. I mentally organized dates and carefully executed new to me compliant recipes. I googled and created spreadsheets to get myself in order. This round came about 3 days ago while chatting with my Everyday Whole gals about life. Andrea mentioned she needed to do a round. ‘YES’ I replied, almost faster than I could think it, I typed it. She was starting that very morning and GAH! I had just had a cup with non-compliant creamer in it. My official day 1 would be the next day, and I could have used that as an excellent excuse to eat ALL THE THINGS, but I didn’t. I took one day to prep. I basically made dump ranch. Priorities, people.

I have some very specific intentions and goals for this round. I will share them with you in an effort to put them out there for accountability.

  • Create simple, delicious meals with out the stress. My ultimate goal is to not only be practicing Food Freedom, but also living it. For me this means to be making and choosing food that is easy and quick and second nature. Don’t get me wrong, I love the special whole 30 recipes, but this time around I want to choose simple.

  • I will not let the scale have power over me. I weighed a few days before I started, but I’m not even going to look at it for as long as I can. It does not define me.

  • I will move my body everyday, in whatever way I can that day. I have a 1 and almost 3 year old. This shouldn’t be hard.

  • I will tune into my satiety signals. For real. I was nursing the past 2 rounds and I was giving myself the leeway to have mini meals and I’ll be honest I’m not sure I always needed them. My goal for this round is to really practice mindfulness around my meals.

Day 1 was Saturday, May 5 (Yup! Cinco de Mayo!) but guess what?! I’m an adult and can have nachos and a margarita any day of the week I’d like and so, it was fine. My husband and I had already planned a date night and lined up babysitting (Thanks, Dad and Cath!) so we had a super romantic dinner at Chipotle where I had the only compliant option there, carnitas, with guac, the fresh salsa and salsa verde, extra lettuce and flipped it upside down to eat as a salad. I brought some movie theater snacks and we bought a bottle of water and enjoyed our movie. That was that. I was super proud of myself for finishing day 1 strong.

Day 2 was Sunday and I woke up with a raging sinus headache. I got the boys up and changed and we went downstairs to play. I tried my best to hang in there, but really could not function, so ended up waking my husband to tag in and I went to “lie down for a bit”…or until 11:30 am. Let me tell you, it’s been YEARS since I’ve slept that late. Clearly, I needed it. I whipped up a quick breakfast of eggs over arugula, a small potato and cherry tomatoes with some guacamole. I had a cup of coffee with coconut and homemade almond milk. Lunch was some left over tandoori chicken we grilled the day before and cauliflower rice with salsa and some dump ranch. My sister came up for a visit and we made a cup of tea, played on the porch with the boys and she left just before dinner time. Because I was stricken down (DRAMA! HAHA.) with my headache this morning, we didn’t get out to go grocery shopping. Danger. Face palm. It’s day 2 and I’m already struggling. Well, friends, real life here. I suggested…I SUGGESTED my husband order a pizza for himself and the boys. Whhhhyyyyy? Because I like a challenge. I got myself a garden salad with extra lettuce and plopped a can of tuna on top with a generous helping of dump ranch and called it a day. A long, hard, but wonderful, day.

I gotta get my act together for this week, though. Real talk. I’m going to be honest here. It shouldn’t have been so hard to look at pizza and the fact that it was, confirms the fact that this was the right choice to start this round. I’m going to be so interested to see how this round (I’m going to try for 60 days…eeeeeeek!) is different from my past 2. Bring on the NSVs!