Weekend meal prep to help get the food from fridge to table fast!

I was introduced to Whole30 just over a year and a half ago – and it’s been life changing in so many ways.

For all of the good Whole30 brings, it doesn’t come without its challenges. It has challenged me to sneak in time to get MY compliant food ready and on the table — while simultaneously getting meals ready for my three kids and my wife. Confession time: It’s not always easy to do!

I didn’t understand how critical meal prep was for a successful Whole30 and for living my Food Freedom. One week into my first Whole 30 I felt like I was drowning in dishes and chopping until my fingers fell off. That’s when I knew that I needed to figure out a new way to meal prep – cue my lightbulb moment!

Meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated. Meals don’t have to be elaborate. And it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Here are five quick tips to get you prepped and on your way:

Prep veggies in bulk I prep sweet potatoes (or any roasting veggie) by the tray full. I lightly coat a whole bag of sweet potatoes in coconut oil and sprinkle with salt, put them on a sheet pan with parchment paper and roast at 425 degrees for at least an hour. This is a quick, delicious add to any meal. Lining the sheet with parchment paper really helps reduce clean up time. I use it for everything.

Prep some plated fats I tend to make homemade mayo and Dump Ranch every weekend.

These condiments are truly easy and quick to make.I always have wide mouth pint sized mason jars on hand and I could not imagine life without my immersion blender.

Put all ingredients in the jar (temp doesn’t matter), place immersion blender into jar all the way to the bottom and turn it on, holding it there for a slow count of 20. Slowly start bringing the immersion blender towards the top and continue blending until you have the desired consistency.

Dump ranch is very forgiving when it comes to spices, so I just eye ball the measurements and go for it. Use this same process for dump ranch and mayo. Pro Tip: Store your dump ranch in a condiments bottle. It makes it so much neater than the glass mason jar for daily use.

I use this recipe for dump ranch (from Whole Sisters) and this recipe for mayo (from The Healthy Foodie) – Give them a whirl if you haven’t yet!

Get some quick cold protein ready to go for the week Every week, I slice in rounds and pan fry a couple of compliant Applegate chicken sausages to have for those times when I don’t have time to make something at meal time. Chicken sausage rounds are great thrown onto a salad or as a protein with other veggies. I also hard boil some eggs for those mornings on the go.

Prep a major protein – Roast a whole chicken You can do this whole prepping other food and a whole chicken goes a really long way for your meal plan and your budget. Rub the chicken down with EVOO and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put fresh herbs and half a lemon in the cavity and roast. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C) and cook for 10-15 minutes. Then reduce heat to 350 degrees F (175 C) and roast for 20 minutes per pound. This makes great pulled chicken, chicken pieces for an easy during the week protein, and the bones can be made into bone broth and chicken soup.

Prep your raw veggies for the week to store – Slice, Dice and Spiralize I rarely buy pre-riced, pre-sliced or pre-spiralized veggies because I find them really expensive. I prefer to buy cauliflower when its sale and rice it myself.

The easiest way in my experience is to break it up into large pieces, put it in the blender with water and pulse 3 times. Then use a colander lined with paper towel or thin towel to drain.Store your cauliflower rice in a container with paper towel.I like to spin my cauliflower in a flour sack towel to get the extra moisture out.I literally put the riced cauliflower in a flour sack towel, grab all corners and edges, go outside and swing it around holding the edges of the towel.This works great for lettuce as well.

I use this spiralizer from Amazon to spiralize butternut squash and many other veggies including sweet potatoes. It is affordable, easy to clean, and so easy to use. This way, my raw veggies are ready to cook when it comes time.

How do you meal prep? What are your tips and tricks to ensuring success on Whole30?