Weekend Prep: Getting Ready For Your First 3 Days

For those that are starting their round on a Monday, the weekend is the best time to prep. The menu does NOT need to be complicated. You don’t have to prepare award winning meals for 30 days. Keep it simple and let leftovers be your new best friend. You have a lot of meals ahead of you and anything that saves you time doing dishes (So. Many. Dishes.) and time cooking is a good thing! So, here’s what’s on the menu for your first three days. You can prep a number of things ahead of time.

What You’re Making:

A Few Tips:

  • Remember that plated fats do not have to be a single ingredient. Make sauces and dressing!
  • Double or triple your batches. Trust me, you’ll be grateful you did when on Day17 you get home after a grueling day and don’t want to cook!
  • Have some containers or freezer bags on hand for freezing and leftovers.
  • Invest in a citrus squeezer. I use mine all the time–amazing how much lemon and lime are in recipes
  • Invest in a mandoline and/or spiralizer to cut down on prep time. I use my mandoline to cut up a bunch of veggies that I can grab and cook during the week. Anything to cut down on prep time!
  • Try one or two new recipes a week to keep things interesting.

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