What I Ate Wednesday

Today was another busy day of stay-at-home parenting with my three littles. I absolutely love starting my day early. I love the quiet of the morning, having coffee, dreaming of how awesome my garden is going to be this summer and… studying for my grad school classes (not exactly as romantic as I wish it were but hey, it’s quiet in the morning and studying during the day is a joke).

I have never had an issue with my appetite being too suppressed by coffee so it is my first go to. A huge mug of steaming hot black coffee. I have always had my coffee black, since I was 16, so this is not a struggle I have. I am thankful for that.

I never really get the chance to eat breakfast until about 8:30 or 9am. This morning I had a delicious egg scramble with salad. I generally eat salad with every meal because its easy and I love it. The eggs were scrambled with a little bit of coconut milk and sautéed baby bellas and onions which I sautéed in bulk a few days ago. Add in salt and some nutritional yeast and bam. An awesome breakfast scramble.

Lunch was lettuce wrap sandwiches. Homemade mayo, Plainsville turkey, pickle slivers, the rest of the tomatoes I had in the house and a little bit of avocado. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I totally overate. It was delicious, and I could have done with a little bit less.

Dinner was leftover from last night: cauliflower rice, coconut curry beef and green beans from the Whole 30 cookbook and salad with dump ranch. I added in 2 Swedish meatballs I made earlier in the day from Paleo Running Mama because I needed to up the protein.

Positives today: Energy has been up all day despite dragging the last couple of days. I stayed compliant (day 19 of 60) and my food was delicious. One of my 3 year-olds loved the lettuce wraps. That is a win for any mama!

Cons: I didn’t drink enough water which is probably why I overate at lunch.