What I Ate Wednesday

This morning, I wake up WAY before my alarm – at 4:15 am. I toss and turn for a minute, and then decide I am UP for the day and will make good use of my time.

So here we go….


I start the morning with a cup of coffee with Hazelnut Nutpods and Gather Superfoods Brown Butter Ghee. The first sip is my favorite part of the day and makes me SO happy.

Since I am up extra early, I do a test run in our washing machine as it’s been on the fritz (it seems to work now!), schedule some posts in the Whole 30 Facebook group, make two sheet pans of these Crispy Oven Fried Green Beans (I use nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan cheese), take a shower, blow dry my hair, do my makeup, and eat breakfast – all before I wake my daughter.

For breakfast, I go with leftover Just Jessie B sheet pan teriyaki salmon from Saturday night – I made it with my Pride of Bristol Bay wild salmon and double the sauce. I add some crispy green beans, grapes and amazing guacamole I bought at Wegmans to my plate. I go back for some extra green beans as I pack them up – they are THAT good!

With my lunch, I add an almost empty carton of Nutpods to my bag to use with my second cup of coffee at work. Coffee is life!


Since I was up so early and ate breakfast so long ago, I decide to have a Country Archer turkey stick and some mango Bubbly water around 11:30 am for a quick pre-workout snack. I am heading to the gym soon for Body Pump – I am grateful to have the chance to get my workout in at lunch.

I also walk two miles in my round-trip commute and only take the stairs at work. My desk is on the 8th floor so I get lots of exercise in at work as well!


After Body Pump, I climb back up eight flights of stairs to my desk for lunch. On the menu: Leftover beef, veggie, cashew, and pineapple stir fry made with The New Primal marinade, served over cauliflower rice and roasted baby potatoes. With my meal, I drink the rest of the Bubbly water and eat some blueberries. Lunch hits the spot!


My train is about 20 minutes late tonight (grr!) and I promised my daughter time on her scooter and a visit with my neighbors when we get home. Meal prep to the rescue!!! I am STARVING so I load up my plate with mixed greens and then add coconut milk scrambled eggs that I make tonight (my daughter has some, too!), leftover compliant chicken sausage sautéed with apple and onion, pineapple ground beef that my neighbor shared with me, and more of those crispy green beans from the morning! I garnish the plate with some dollops of Whole Sisters dump ranch (this batch came out super thick) and some Trader Joe’s garlic dip (Food Freedom – it has canola oil.) I wash it all down with a LaCroix!

I think for a second about having some fruit with nut butter after dinner but then ask myself if I really need it and if it’s worth it tonight? The answers are NO and NO so I pass.

Then, I get my coffee cup, spoon and K-cup out for the morning, close the kitchen, and get ready for another day in the life of delicious eats!