What I Ate Wednesday

Last Wednesday was a GREAT day! I found out that I won one of The New Primal’s scholarships for the Whole 30 coaching program. But I didn’t celebrate with champagne and cake. Today was a pretty normal day of eating for me – but I did exercise a little Food Freedom today for the first time in a while. Here’s a look at what I ate on Wednesday…


I am an early bird who loves the quiet of the morning. Today, I got up at 5:05 am and started my morning with a cup of coffee, made extra delicious with Califia Farms Better Half non-dairy creamer and a sprinkle of Tiny Little Chef’s Inflammation Buster seasoning.

I worked on some posts for the Whole 30 group, paid some bills, and answered a few emails for my day job. After getting my daughter up at 6:20 am, we sat down to breakfast (yes, in front of the TV – a battle I’m not fighting these days) around 6:40 am.

On my plate: Three eggs friend in coconut oil (mostly just the yolks as I gave my little one the fried whites), leftover broccoli I cooked in Gather Superfoods ghee over the weekend, leftover plantains fried in coconut oil from yesterday, and some ground lamb/onion/potato mix I made last night. The entire plate is drizzled with Soom Food Tahini, which serves as my added fat. I’m not currently on a round of Whole 30 (I recently finished a Whole 75!) but I feel better when I eat per the meal template – so that’s what I mainly do! I had some seltzer with my breakfast.

When I get to work, I grab another cup of coffee and add some more Califia Farms Better Half, which I brought from home.


I usually spend my lunch hour at the gym and eat afterwards at my desk. But today, we had an offsite team meeting and we got salads from Sweetgreen! I had the Guacamole Greens – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado, roasted chicken, and a Whole 30 compliant lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette dressing. The salad normally comes with tortilla chips but I asked to remove those, and I added my own raw cashews I brought from home. I also brought a can of Polar Seltzer to have with lunch.

I never normally consider dessert but there were some homemade Passover treats at the meeting – coconut macaroons and chocolate biscotti. They were grain-free for the holiday and I decided to take a small bite of each. That was enough for me, and I stopped. The bites were worth it and I was happy. My sugar dragon remained tame.


The evening was a bit of a whirlwind due to the news of the coaching scholarship – I’ve never gotten so many Instagram notifications before in my life! Thank goodness for meal prep and leftovers!

Dinner tonight was leftover buffalo chicken bacon poppers (I use this recipe from Unbound Wellness and add Frank’s Red Hot and some chopped compliant bacon), some more leftover broccoli, mixed greens, more leftover potatoes, an extra piece of compliant bacon (since I am celebrating tonight!) and my homemade spicy mayo (I use the Whole 30 mayo recipe and add Frank’s and some extra salt to spice it up!) A creature of habit, I had more seltzer on the side.

My daughter came home with leftovers from dinner out with her father, which included some waffle fries and sweet potato fries. I gave them a look and thought about adding a few to my plate instead of my roasted potatoes. But, after thinking it through and evaluating my Food Freedom – Did I really want them? How would they make me feel? Were they really worth it? – I decided to pass and stashed the leftovers in the fridge.

Once dinner was done, I packed up my lunch for tomorrow (Whole 30 jambalaya my neighbor made, more leftover potatoes, blackberries, cashews, and seltzer) and then the kitchen is closed. I drink some more seltzer as I unwind, write this post, and watch TV. Soon, I’ll go to bed, and wake up to another day in the life after Whole 30.

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