What I Ate Wednesday – The Food Freedom Edition

After cutting my Whole60 short, I decided I was ready to attempt to live in my Food Freedom. This time, I felt so much more prepared and it turns out, I was! I have been making choices with zero guilt and it’s been taking less and less time to weigh and evaluate if something is or isn’t worth it. If I make a decision and it turns out I was wrong, guess what?! I just move on…The thing is, I typically make choices driven by the guidelines of Whole30 with some non-compliant foods sprinkled in. Here’s a day in the life of a SAHM living life after Whole30!

Meal 1

I love eggs. I also love making one breakfast for my two boys, and myself so we often eat scrambled eggs. It’s so much easier to make a big batch than get them set up and then have to handle making another breakfast. So, this morning, we had scrambled eggs. The kids had a slice of wheat toast, but I had mixed greens, halved grape tomatoes with a slice of bacon cut and sprinkled over. I dressed my salad with EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

Meal 2

We had a friend and her son come over for lunch and threw together chicken bacon wraps. I had some mayo in there for healthy fat (it’s hiding, I promise!) and sliced some cucumbers on the side for extra veggies on the side. This was an awesome easy lunch and my friend had a traditional sandwich with bread. It was no problem to make both sandwiches and everyone was happy.

Meal 3

Summer in New Hampshire means that when the humidity is under control we have the grill fired up. Now that I’m not on a round, I’m a super fan of having a cheeseburger rather than a plain hamburger. Dairy in small quantities is fine for me, and something I can say yes to because it’s worth it for me. Ketchup is another worth it addition in my life after Whole30. I am much more conservative with my usage, but nothing replaces good old-fashioned Heinz for me. Sorry, not sorry. I will probably always have my burger over greens from now on because I haven’t found a roll that is worth it and it’s an easy way to get veggies in. My kids prefer raw veggies to cooked, so we sliced up an orange pepper and put some pickles on the side and we were good to go.

I am continuing to stick to the three square meals a day and limit my snacking, because doing some real observation of my habits during Whole30 showed me I don’t snack because I’m hungry, but usually because I’m emotional or out of boredom. So, there you have it! What did you eat today!?