What I Ate Wednesday

Hello, Whole 30 friends! Here’s a look at WHAT I ATE on Day #2 of my mini Whole 30 reset. I completed a Whole 75 in March and have been living my Food Freedom since. For me, that is mostly all Whole 30 food with a little added sugar, a tiny bit of alcohol (I drink 1/100 of what I used to – I have NO tolerance anymore!) and some legumes in the form of edamame hummus from Trader Joe’s!

I did enjoy some of my daughter’s 5th birthday cake – and after having some leftover cake another two times after her birthday (Is there anything better than frozen birthday cake?? And yes, it was worth it!) I decided to do a mini reset to show the Sugar Dragon who’s boss.

I will probably reset for around 10 days but I’m not sure. I plan to take it as it goes based on how I am feeling.

So, here we go…welcome to my day!


I am up at my usual 5 am to get working on the blog, reply to posts in the Facebook group, and send off some emails for my real job! I have a cup of coffee with Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half and some Gather Superfoods Ghee to get my day started.

After I shower, blow dry my hair, do my makeup, and wake up my daughter, I sit down with her and have breakfast. On today’s plate: Eggs scrambled with coconut milk, carrot noodles seasoned with Tiny Little Chef’s House Blend, avocado, apple chicken sausage sautéed with green apple and onion, oven baked crispy green beans and carrots, and Thyme & Joy’s Thousand Island dressing. YUM! It’s a big plate but I know I have a long morning ahead of me. At work, I have a second cup of coffee (DECAF!) with some more Califia Farms Better Half that I bring to work in this awesome container.


I get to the gym later than I planned today so I grab a quick pre-workout snack before I hit the treadmill. I have a small baggie of raw cashews and a pack of The New Primal’s BBQ Beef Thins. Fat + Protein = YES! I run 3.1 sweaty miles on the treadmill, take a quick shower, and then it’s lunch at my desk.


For my lunch, I have a piece of Thyme & Joy’s Buffalo Chicken Frittata made with The New Primal’s new Medium Buffalo Sauce and some more crispy green beans and carrots. No shame in lunch eaten cold from a Tupperware! I wash it down with a DELICIOUS can of Grapefruit bubly sparkling water.


After coming home from work and picking up my daughter, leftovers are LIFE for dinner. I have a modified version of leftover Thyme & Joy Paleo Hamburger Skillet with Thousand Island Dressing. I layer the leftover ground beef on iceberg lettuce and add crumbled sugar-free bacon, leftover roasted potatoes, compliant pickle slices, and the Thousand Island Dressing. On the side: A mix of berries and some more Grapefruit bubly sparkling water!

While I clean up the kitchen, (and yes, I am using paper plates because my dishwasher broke and I am not getting a new one for another week or so), I pack my daughter’s lunch for tomorrow. For me, I may grab a compliant salad tomorrow at Sweetgreen near work – or I may pack my lunch in the morning. To be determined!

For now, the kitchen’s closed and I relax knowing that I fed my body well today!

What was the best thing that YOU ate today?