Whole30 Diversity Coaching Scholarships

Earlier this year, Whole30 announced a public effort to increase diversity in its brand. Melissa Hartwig took to Instagram to share her mission of bringing Whole 30 to more varied audiences and to have people of all backgrounds represent the program.

To further that effort, Whole30 recently announced the first official Whole30 Diversity Coaching Scholarship, “for Whole30 experts who want to help us increase inclusion and connection to under-represented populations within the Whole 30 community.”

Without the scholarship, the Whole30 Coaching Certification fee is $1,000 – so this scholarship presents an incredible opportunity for someone who otherwise may have not been able to apply.

We had the chance to ask Kristen Crandall, Whole30’s Director of Coaching, a little more about the scholarship. Here’s what she had to say!

EVERYDAY WHOLE: Tell us a little more about the Whole30 Coaching Diversity Scholarship. When and why did this scholarship originate?

KRISTEN: The Whole30 Coaching Diversity Scholarship is our first public diversity effort. We’ve been giving out scholarships since the program was launched in August 2017, but this is our first official scholarship opportunity.

EVERYDAY WHOLE: Who are you looking for to apply for the scholarship?

KRISTEN: Anyone that is passionate about sharing our Whole30 mission, and wants to assist new groups to become familiar with the program. Whether you want to focus on race, gender identity, sexuality, religion, ability, language, age, or socioeconomic status, we want you to apply to become a Coach.

EVERYDAY WHOLE: Why is the Whole30 Coaching Program an integral component of the resources offered to the Whole30 community?

KRISTEN: The Whole30 Coaching Program is our way of getting Whole 30 boots on the ground in every local community possible. We want them to be an extension of our Whole30 team – to help support, encourage and motivate our Whole 30 community in a much more personal and specialized setting.

Interested in applying? Applications close at midnight EST on Friday, June 15. So, you only have two days but we know you can do it!

Learn more at https://whole30.com/whole30-coaching-scholarships/ and feel free to reach out to us at everydaywhole@gmail.com if you need guidance or even just an extra set of eyes on your application.

Good luck!